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March 10, 2015

The Real Shoppers of Goodwill: Katie from Bower Power Blog

The Real Shoppers of Goodwill is an interview series with savvy bloggers who love to shop at Goodwill. – See more at:
The Real Shoppers of Goodwill is an interview series with savvy bloggers who love to shop at Goodwill! If you didn’t catch the last one, you can read it here.
Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Katie from Bower Power Blog!
When did you start shopping at Goodwill?
I’ve been shopping there all my life…my mom is a thrifty soul who loves to pinch those pennies.
How often do you visit?
I go Goodwill shopping about once a week.  Since we moved further out in the country, the closest Goodwill is twenty minutes away and I always make sure to schedule it into my week.
Do you ever donate back?
Absolutely!  I love making more room in closet by purging clothes I don’t wear anymore.  I love the fact that I can donate and shop without packing the stroller back into the car.

What has been your favorite find? 
My favorite find was probably pair of lamps that are currently living in my family room.  They needed new shades and a quick coat of spray paint to make them epic finds!
What is your advice to other thrifters? 
Try to block out all the other stuff when looking at an item.  Take it off the shelf and hold it out where there is no other ‘clutter’ in your sight.  That way you can see the diamond and no ‘rough’.
Thanks for sharing, Katie! Those lamps are great!
Enjoying the Good Life,

Trish, thank you so much for joining us and sharing your thoughts! Such a cute bunk bed.

Enjoying the Good Life,


– See more at:


  1. Love your lamp. What kind of spray paint did you use to paint the lamp base? Also where did you find the shade?

    • goodwillsc

      Hi Sarah! If you want to know specifics, you can contact Katie through her blog. I’d recommend a high glass spray for a lamp.