Painting a Glass Vase, Part 2


You comment and I listen! Last week, I shared a DIY for painting a glass vase. Lindsay commented and said,

“I have painted some glass vases before, but for some reason I didn’t think I could paint the outside. So I poured paint inside and swirled around until the whole inside was coated with color…”

Oh, wait. Well, that made me want to try it her way and, you know what? I liked it better! Read More >

Fall Style // The Button-Up

IMG_8005 Read More >

Painting a Glass Vase


I love fresh flowers in my home. My kitchen cabinet has an ever-growing collection of random vases, but I noticed that they are all clear glass (except a random yellow vase that I’m still not sure how I acquired). Let’s bring some color into this collection! Read More >

Fall Style: The Plaid Dress


I bought this plaid dress at Goodwill for about $6. It’s perfect for the fall, right? I like it paired with boots, but I also think it would be cute with leggings and flats. So…it’s Motherhood Maternity. Who knew? But, I think it can pass for non-maternity wear. Or, I could just loan it to one of my pregolicious friends. : ) Read More >

DIY Autumn Art

photo 2

Fall is here and it seems like everyone is in the mood to add a little fall decor to their homes. I like the idea of adding warm tones along with a few simple pumpkins (and I already have a few of those!). When I found this canvas at Goodwill, I thought it would be perfect for a little DIY art. Read More >