Get Your Closet Fall Ready With The Goodies

Have you noticed a change in the air? That sweltering heat of Summer is slowly giving way to cooler nights and mornings.  Football season is beginning, and stores are already putting out Halloween decorations.  Soon, the crunch of freshly fallen leaves will be felt underfoot and the taste of pumpkin spice will be everywhere once again.

Whether your closet is large or small, make sure it’s ready for Fall with these two great guides from your friends here at Goodwill.

First, get your closet decluttered & organized with this downloadable printable:


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Desperately Seeking Ladybird

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.27.01 AM

I have made a terrible mistake, friends.

Let me start from the beginning.

Two years ago, I took a trip to Austin Texas with my good friend Dan.

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Let’s Go Shopping!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Shanika Pichey and you can find me over on my personal blog, Life is Pichey, where I talk about the latest clothes I’ve made, recipes, books, or anything else that comes to mind.


I’ve always loved a good bargain, but as I got older I started to become more conscious of items I bought and how they were made. My personal style has changed as well, so if I am not making something for myself I like to find unique, well-made pieces.

Shopping at Goodwill allows for me to shop (eco) consciously and possibly find a one-of-a-kind items.

On some trips to Goodwill, I have a specific plan in mind (of what I need to get). Other times I just browse and see if I luck out.

So…Let’s go shopping!

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Saving a Few Clams With Lookalikes

I have a weakness for catalogs that house fancy decor items that I’ll never actually buy because as a reasonable human being I just can’t bring myself to pay $45 for a fancy bowl that will only hold fruit.

But my mind holds on to those images and sometimes that inability to forget pays off when I’m at a Goodwill and stumble across something that’s almost exactly like what I have been wanting. Such is the case with this fancy clamshell bowl that I saw on a blog years ago and always wanted a similar one.


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1 + 1 = 5 of Everything

We combined households a year ago. Having reached the age of 40-something before crossing paths, we each had a complete home’s worth of belongings that are now crammed into 1100 square feet of breathable oxygen. So, we declared this The Summer of Purge, with the intention of donating lots of perfectly lovely but now-extraneous items to our local Goodwill, where they can do more good than they’ve been doing, falling on our heads every time we open a cabinet.


Hi there!

We made a strong start in the kitchen, discovering extra cutlery, tools, pans, dishes, etc. to put into the Goodwill box. Oddly, though, we found ourselves becoming protective of our stuff… or rather, of each other’s stuff. Each “which one of these should we keep” decision came with the knowledge that one of us would be letting go of something from “pre-us” life, and neither of us wanted the other to give up anything.

Who knew curating a kitchen could get emotional?

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