Every Party’s a Great Party with The Goodies


I like to party. That’s no secret.

I like big parties. I like little parties. I like parties for one: I’ve been known to make myself a fancy cocktail and dance to all my favorite jams, including but absolutely not limited to, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Morrissey, City High, Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Carly Rae Jepson, Rihanna, and more! My jams aren’t even limited to “and more!” To quote lyrics I assume you all know, “I got more rhymes than there’s cops at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop.” And I love to make a playlist for a party. It sets the tone. But I digress. Read More >

Trendy Home Décor on a DIY Budget


November is here and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Which means I want to spruce up the house here and there- family and friends will be coming over, after all. But I’m not too keen on spending a lot of money right before Christmas.

So, what’s a girl to do? Go to Goodwill of course! With home décor on my mind, I spied this beat up kitchen cutting board on the shelf during a recent trip to my local store. Read More >

Featured Fan: Jessica’s DIY Adventures


Here at Goodwill, we love our fans! You folks hold nothing back when it comes to keeping us inspired. Whether you’re decoupaging a dresser or going for a night out on the town in your Goodwill-sourced fashions and accessories, we get a thrill out of how you bring us into your homes and lives.

When Jessica Glenney sent us an email sharing some of her favorite thrift store projects from her Spartanburg home, we knew they were too great to not be shared!

Let this DIY Maven show you how it’s done.

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Fashion Inspiration with The ReFashionista


A question I get asked most frequently in my ReFashionista endeavors is, “Where do you get your fashion inspiration?” People want to know how I look at a thrifted piece or a future refashion and know it’ll somehow work. There are a lot of ways in which I do this, from studying the time between past trends’ resurgences (fashion is cyclical), to what appears to be becoming nostalgic in film, TV, and music videos, to websites I always seem to grab ideas from.

Here are a just a few of my favorite sources of thrifty inspiration.

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Channeling Martha: Vintage Finds for Entertaining with Style


Martha Stewart rocks, for a lot of reasons. She started an empire. She made great stuff for K-Mart, some of which I still own. She took that prison sentence like a champ, coming out with great skin and a fab poncho made by a fellow inmate. She isn’t afraid to be the boss. And she made it a lot less expensive to be stylish.

Her shabby chic, vintage aesthetic is something regular people can do. Sure, the things she features are wildly expensive (except that stuff she made for K-Mart, man, was that ever some good stuff). But the average person with a modicum of style can copy what she does with a few sheets of burlap and some vintage Goodwill finds. Read More >