Style Makeover: Know Thyself Edition


I am not a clothes person. I’m just not. I like to look nice, but mostly I’ll settle for just getting out the door looking like an adult every morning. So it was startling to find myself in the middle of a moderate sartorial crisis a few months ago. I hated my clothes, hated how I looked in them, and hated how I felt in them…and it was really bothering me. Semi-drastic action was in order, and I felt oh-so-smart when I realized my local Goodwill would be a great place to start changing things up. Read More >

Easy DIY Cane Back Chair Inspiration for Apartment Dwellers


Sometimes I get thrift envy. Not because I don’t find amazing pieces at Goodwill, but because I know some pieces will take a lot of time and effort to rehab.

I honestly don’t want to spend $5 on a chair and another $20 to haul it home, take it outside to sand it (I don’t even own a sander) then leave it outside and hope my neighbors don’t throw it in the dump or take it back to Goodwill.

Plus, I have to carry whatever I choose to buy up 15 stairs. Whew!

I am already tired.

This is why cane back chairs are such a great option. Read More >

When Enough Really Is Enough


The other day, I invited a few people over to dinner, ten to be exact. There are five in our house already, but I really didn’t think I’d be feeding 15 people. Assuming a lot of people had plans or were out of town, I was hedging my bets. I had two pork roasts, bought for a pretty good price, and I wanted to make pulled pork. That was more than enough for just the five of us, and I figured inviting ten more would give me a few more faces at the table. I mean, not that many people will say yes on a weeknight, right? Wrong, happily! Read More >

There’s a New Goodwill in Town


I was pretty ecstatic when I heard a new Goodwill was being built close to my home.

Dangerously Close.

I wasn’t able to make it to the Grand Opening, but I recently visited the store to check it out. Here are just a few of the awesome treasures I discovered: Read More >

Musing on Down Shoe-zing


I am a creature of habit in many ways. I like to drive the same way to work every day because I know exactly what to expect at times when I don’t have the choice of leisurely showing up whenever I like. I’m the kind of person who, upon finding a style of exercise pants or underwear that I like, will buy several in different colors so that I can just have and enjoy the knowledge that I can use that fail-safe item over and over throughout the week.

But I still succumb to the desire for new things, different things because variety truly is the spice of life. Read More >