The Endless Possibilities of Brass Candlesticks

There is a lot of stuff at your local Goodwill. Good stuff for you and good stuff for someone else. Stuff you may need and stuff you probably don’t need. Either way you look at it, Goodwill has a lot of stuff. Since I have moved my work into a studio and have started hosting parties and other events, I have been collecting props to use rather than renting them each time I needed them.

One of the things I have been collecting every chance I get (or when I can remember) are brass candlesticks.

I love them, just the way they are.


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Snag Summer Vegetables Before They’re Gone


One of my favorite things about living in South Carolina is the extended produce season. We can have cherry tomatoes in late October, even November, no prob! And as a final celebration of summer produce I often go a little crazy with overloading on it before it turns into a shadow of itself in the form of sad, watery, boxed tomatoes from South America that are more well-traveled than I.

Tabbouleh (also spelled tabouli) is a Middle Eastern dish that is bursting with summer flavors of tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, cilantro, parsley, and lemon with couscous as a base. Some people use French couscous which are the smaller grains, but I prefer the toothier feel of Israeli couscous, which are little orbs of pasta that cook quickly and absorb the lemon-olive oil dressing well. Read More >

DIY Photo Light Box

I was in need of a photo light box.

Getting the white boards would be easy (and inexpensive) but finding the right lamp would be the issue. Since I wanted to keep this project cost-friendly, I headed to Goodwill. With this trip I decided to head to my favorite Goodwill Store. It had been a while since I visited that location and as I walked towards the electronics aisle the light shined down on me (ha!).



There were several lamp options but I got the exact one I wanted. All the tutorials I’ve read suggested to use a lamp that can be clipped anywhere for more versatility. Needless to say, it quickly went into the cart. Read More >

The “Perks” of Thrifty Gifting

September is here, which means that “Pumpkin-Flavored Everything” Season has started…especially spiced coffee! I guess chilly weather and hot beverages were on my mind the last time I was in my local Goodwill store because while I was in the kitchen section, I found these two cute wooden bins!

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The Holy Grail of Goodwill-ing


While my lovely bride related the tales of our “Summer Of Purge”, I thought I would discuss my recent adventures at Goodwill, searching for a specific garment I have dubbed The Holy Grail of Goodwill-ing: a well-maintained 43/44 long double-breasted navy blazer.

I have found them slightly too small, slightly too large, or extremely one or the other.  There was a lovely specimen that would have fit me beautifully if only I’d taken up an all-bacon-and-milkshake diet for a few months, and another that had nary a flaw… beyond obviously having been designed for a pelican with rickets. (I suspect there are a great many average-sized people walking about proudly, saying “don’t you love my double-breasted navy blazer? Perhaps I’ll give it to Goodwill tomorrow, but not today, ho! ho! ho!”) Read More >