DIY “Thrifter Upper” Farmhouse-Style Sign

9_repurposed cutting board by Sadie Seasongoods

Popular TV shows like Fixer Upper have taught me one thing: “Modern rustic farmhouse style” is all the rage right now! And while the style itself is hard to describe, the aesthetic of it is easily recognized…lots of white, lots of rustic wood, a few vintage elements with a touch of galvanized metal…you get the drift. So, me being me, I had to try my hand at repurposed DIY farmhouse style! Read More >

Getting Back to School Ready with Goodwill


Both of my boys will be in school this year and I’m feeling the need to get as organized as possible more than ever (I spoke a little on that here). In part of getting my act together, Goodwill was (and will continue to be) part of the equation.

New school year = New clothes

I dedicated one afternoon to going through all their clothes. I had three piles: school clothes, home/play clothes, and Goodwill donations. Read More >

Putting a Cork on Clutter


School is a distant memory for me, but the urge to reorganize my life hits me every year when kids start having to get back on the school bus. And it’s hit extra hard this year, I feel like my life is in total disarray lately. Which, being Type A, makes me want to do whatever I can to control it. And I can totally control making my home feel clean-ish and in order-ish.

When I recently decided to go on a minimizing spree, a jar of wine corks that I’d been saving for several years caught my eye. Read More >

Neutral Luxe on a Budget


I’ll admit it. In my early days of shopping at Goodwill, the first thing I focused on was the price. I think most people do, because they expect the prices to be extremely low because it is a thrift store.

The more I visited Goodwill and other thrift stores and then visited retail stores, I began realize that shopping secondhand is about more than low prices. It’s sort of shopping at a boutique. Read More >

An Easy DIY Wine Crate Ottoman


About 15 years ago (back when I thought spiky maroon hair was a good look for me), I worked at a local wine and cheese shop. This led to my love of both of these things, as well as one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Read More >