Set Sail with Goodwill!


Every couple of years, me and about twelve of my closest friends try to take a big trip together. While our lives have scattered us across the U.S., we always look forward to coming together when we can. In just a few weeks, I’m going to be here:

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Rule, Britannia!


Happy New Year from your favorite anglophile and Good Life blogger! Hope everyone is having a great 2016 so far. As my lovely bride and I look back on our first year of marriage, we find ourselves thinking about our wedding trip to London. One of the highlights of our adventure was tea in The Georgian Room at Harrods, and we wanted to ring in the new year by re-creating that experience as closely as possible. Who knew that Goodwill would help us make that happen with something as unlikely as a pickle set? Read More >

Bringing Back Columbia’s Corn Sticks


There are a lot of passed down traditions that get thrown out because they are difficult to keep in place, or they just become forgotten through the years. Corn sticks fall into both categories. Everyone’s seen a cornstick pan before, whether it was in grandma’s kitchen or in a thrift store. Seems like you can’t go into a thrift or antique store without seeing an old cast iron corn stick pan, cast away because it takes a little more effort to make than a flat pan of cornbread. Read More >

Fabric Covered Buttons…No Kit Required!


My favorite items of clothing to collect are coats. To me, a coat can tie together an outfit; even if the outfit consists of you running out in sweatpants to the grocery store real quick.

I’ve gotten some great coats from Goodwill; two of them being London Fog Trench Coats. One of them is a great rose/blush color and the other is khaki. I already had a khaki trench but when you see a pristine London Fog Trench Coat on the rack for only $1, you don’t hesitate to pick it up.


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5 Things to Collect, Starting Now!


Happy New Year Everyone! The New Year is like a big ole Monday hug; you get to start off with a fresh perspective and outlook on life and of course more thrifting!

I write down and organize a lot of things in the New Year. Last year, it was finding as many gold flatware pieces for my holiday dinners as I could. I was fortunate to find 2 sets at Goodwill at a great price. It took a little time, but I was patient and it certainly paid off.

Here’s a list of 5 things to start collecting at the beginning of the year from Goodwill, that will pay off throughout the year:

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