Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Here is a cute Pumpkin Pie Kid’s Craft to whip up with the kiddos for a little after-meal entertainment. Read More >

I Don’t Have Time to Thrift by Jillian Owens, The ReFashionista


I Don’t Have Time to Thrift!

(Um…yeah you do!)
Hello new friends!  Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Jillian Owens, aka The ReFashionista.  I’ve been changing the way folks all over the world think about fashion over at my blog, ReFashionista.net.  I love taking dated, old, ugly, damaged, and unwanted frocks and turning them into cute couture! Read More >

I #gaveitgood by donating my first blog project…


This week, I donated the coffee table that I bought at Goodwill and flipped in my very first project for this blog. (#memories) It’s been such a good table to us and when I thought about getting rid of it, I would get a little sentimental and think that maybe I should hang onto it. But, it wasn’t serving it’s purpose for us anymore and the point of donating is to share with others who can use it, right? So, off it to Goodwill, once again. Read More >

Kid’s Style


Someone mentioned, recently, that I don’t often blog about kid’s clothes. I don’t usually venture into that area, but I should! Goodwill certainly has more clothing for adults, but you can find some great pieces in the kid’s section.  I found these cute pieces the other day and I wanted to share them with you. Read More >

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…


It may be November everywhere else, but it’s Christmas here in blogland. If you want to DIY anything, you need to get it done before decorating starts, right? And I like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy it all month. Read More >