The New Good Life Blog

Welcome to The NEW Good Life Blog! As you can see, we’ve made a few changes, and we hope you’ll be as excited about them as we are!

The Good Life Blog has always been a place to gain inspiration, and inspiration comes in many voices. So we’re adding a great group of contributors that are fun and different in their own way…just like you!

We are a community that came together through a shared passion for DIY projects, Décor, Fashion, Sustainability, and (of course) Goodwill. This is a collaborative blog, a space for some of the most knowledgeable thrifting and DIY experts to showcase their projects, techniques, tricks, tips, and personal styles.

Our goal is to spread the Goodwill love to more people, encourage one another to take creative risks, and celebrate in our successes along the way.

The Good Life is something to be shared and celebrated. So, come with us, and let’s adventure through Goodwill…together.

Meet the Good Life Team:



Jillian Owens

AKA The ReFashionista, Jillian is a writer, designer, and eco fashion revolutionary who transforms thrift store castoffs into fashionable frocks. She’ll change the way you think about fashion at ReFashionista


Rashon Carraway

Rashon is a design expert in décor and men’s style. He has an eclectic sense of combining new and old to create a timeless presentation of style. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look amazing with Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Sarah Ramberg

Sarah is a pro at upcycling and repurposing her vintage treasures and thrifted finds. She’s constantly creating, cooking, and treasure hunting for her next DIY project. Craft on at Sadie Seasongoods


Anne Postic

Anne loves to write about a wide variety of subjects. Food writing is her first love, but she also enjoys talking parenting, travel, financial planning, real estate, books, the arts, health, and anything else you have in mind 

at The Kitchn.



April Blake

April is a foodie daydreamer who understands the financial, environmentally sustainable, and fashionable aspects of secondhand shopping. She writes about all of that and more at The April Blake


Shanika Pichey

Shanika is a vintage-loving, antiqueaholic DIYer who is always planning a party in her head. She expresses her creativity with her sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks and anything else she can at Life is Pichey.


Frank Thompson & Laurel Posey

This happily married duo are full-time arts professionals frequently found on local stages. Frank is a writer, director, and teacher who enjoys cooking and finding creative ways to make use of leftovers. Laurel is an arts administrator who loves solving problems through repurposing and DIY. 

The Good Life


This is one of the first projects that I started working on for the blog, four years ago, and I just recently picked it up again. It’s time consuming, which isn’t my thing. But, it’s super simple and the outcome is two thumbs up. If you have patience or if you like to be busy while you watch a movie, etc., this would be a great project! Read More >

A Summer Evening


Summer days around here have been scorchers. Everyone seems to hide inside because melting from the heat seems like a real possibility. But, somehow, summer mornings and evenings are beautiful. That’s when we venture out to soak up the sun before winter comes and we are wishing for the warmth again. Read More >

A Summer Dress


I think dresses are such a great buy at Goodwill. For a few bucks, you get a whole outfit. And, in general, dresses are cool in the summer and you look “put together” without trying too hard.

I bought this dress for about $6. It’s A.N.A, a brand that JCPenny carries, and it’s in great condition! It has a drop waist, which is not a style that looks great on me, so I just belted it. Simple fix. Read More >

Good Life Roundup


I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some of the most popular Good Life posts, so far, and a few of my own favs. It’s fun to look back at great DIY ideas and use them for future inspiration. Read More >