Creating a Spring Wreath


Good morning! Welcome to my newest installment of the Good Life video series. The weather is finally warmer and I am more than happy to welcome the spring! And, what says “Welcome spring!” more than a cheerful wreath on your door? Read More >

A DIY Baby Shower


This weekend, I hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend. She’s expecting her second, and we had so much fun getting together and celebrating her little girl!

Sometimes I tell myself, “This time, I am just going to buy everything instead of DIYing!”, but then I end up crafting because, hello, I am who I am. : ) And, personalized touches really do make an event feel special.

It was a couples shower and we had it at a local park so, after the food, the guys could take the kids to play while the girls…yes…crafted! haha Read More >

My New Favorite T-Shirt


This is my new fave t-shirt that I picked up during my 15 Minute Goodwill Challenge. I love that it looks vintage but, guess what? Old Navy.

Sometimes we have hard days or hard weeks and it’s a nice reminder–Hey! We can do it! One time, I told someone, “I can’t do it” and they said, “You already are!”. Well, isn’t that just the best response? It’s a “glass half full” way of looking at things. It really changed the way I felt. Read More >

Why I Thrift (and why you should too!) by Jillian Owens, The ReFashionista

Dare to be bold!

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t identify “thrift” as a verb.  I’ve always thrifted…to the point where it’s never seemed weird that most of my belongings once belonged to someone else.

When I was little, my family thrifted to save money…because we didn’t have much of it to go around.  My mom bought up old dressers and made them new again with a little paint.  In junior high, eager to channel the preppy look from the movie Clueless, my sister and I bought calf-length plaid skirts from the 80′s and rehemmed them into stylish minis.  In high school, my “look” was defined by vintage bell bottoms, butterfly collar shirts, and vintage tees.  My bedroom was decorated with 70′s retro furniture in avocado and orange.  All of this was from –you guessed it– the thrift store. Read More >

InstaLove// A Roundup of Your Goodwill Finds

photo 5

I really love seeing what you guys find at Goodwill! A+ shoppers. Keep tagging me on Instagram!

@fashiondivaforless found this J Crew skirt for $1! Check out the original price on that picture. She also found these Paige Denim jeans! Read More >