A Picture Perfect DIY Valentine’s Day Frame

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Head to any Goodwill and you’re almost guaranteed to see certain items every time you go. One of those items is picture frames. Today, I’m sharing a quick and easy DIY you can do for last minute Valentine’s Day Gifts. Read More >

5 Things You Should Shop for Before Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is in just a few short days and that means red and pink will be taking over timelines and social media feeds. This is awesome for me because red is my favorite color. If you are going out this weekend on a date, planning a dinner party, or giving a gift don’t forget to pop into Goodwill.

I like that most Goodwill stores in my area have dedicated a few shelves to Valentine’s Day. I also like that with just a little guidance I can shop around the store to pick up some inexpensive items just for the holiday.

Here are 5 Things you should for before Valentine’s Day:

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On Letting Go of Things Someone Else Could Enjoy


Last Saturday, I bought my nine year old some pants. He’s our third boy, and I find myself actually buying clothes for him, because the other boys’ clothes got trashed. You can talk to me all day about buying high quality clothing that will last, and I’ll roll my eyes and introduce you to three boys who love track pants and playing. Maybe if they only wore said pants as instructed, on the track, the pants would last. But I wonder if crawling and rolling on the track counts? Because those pants take a lot of abuse. But I digress. Read More >

Thrifting for the Birds…A DIY Feeder


I *LOVE* a good DIY project for my yard and garden, but a chilly South Carolina winter can make that challenging. But then I realized I could create a super simple & inexpensive suet feeder (perfect for winter) to hang in my yard…using a common thrift store item: Coffee Mugs!

If you walk into any Goodwill store, you’ll find a huge selection of coffee mugs- in every style, color, and shape you can imagine! Read More >

Set Sail with Goodwill!


Every couple of years, me and about twelve of my closest friends try to take a big trip together. While our lives have scattered us across the U.S., we always look forward to coming together when we can. In just a few weeks, I’m going to be here:

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