Updating a Picture Frame


I spotted this frame at Goodwill, recently, and you know you just can’t pass up a Martha Stewart frame! Since it was a plain, light wood, it had so much potential. Some things just need a good coat of paint. Read More >

Creating a Reusable Shopping Bag

Good morning, guys! Welcome to my newest installment of the Good Life video series. This is such a simple DIY, I think you’re going to love it! All you need is a tshirt and a pair of scissors.

When we go grocery shopping, we try to always take our own bags. But, when I pop in the store for just a few quick things, I usually don’t remember to grab one of my bags out of the car. I’m excited that this reusable shopping bag is not only easy to make, but will also roll up small enough to throw in my purse since it’s jersey!

If you’re not already using reusable shopping bags, this might be a great starting place!

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InstaLove// A Roundup of Your Goodwill Finds

photo 3

You guys! All I can say is Keep. Them. Coming. You have no idea how much I love to be tagged in your awesome Goodwill finds! You are great shoppers and creative DIYers! Read More >

Guest Post by DC Goodwill Fashionista: My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Cole Haan Loafers


There are few things that excite me when I’m Goodwill shopping like spotting a pair of designer shoes. Honestly, my favorite Goodwill finds are almost always shoes. Why is that? Well, besides the fact that I have an self-diagnosed shoe addiction, I really believe that my Goodwill shoes are the best value of all my finds. If you aren’t quite buying that, check out my latest favorite designer score. The numbers don’t lie, here. Read More >

The 15 Minute Goodwill Challenge

photo 1-2

I think a lot of times, people feel like they don’t have time to shop at Goodwill because they aren’t sure where to start. Really, Goodwill is a pretty organized store! Shirts are often grouped by color, etc. The more I shop, the better I get at scanning a section of clothes and picking out whatever catches my eye. I decided to give myself another 15 Minute Challenge! The goal? To see how many great pieces I could find in just 15 minutes. Read More >