ReFashionista’s Goodwill Spring Declutter Challenge


Oh Good God…what have I become?

This is what I’ve been thinking every time I’ve peered into my sewing room before shaking my head in shame and closing the door.

A lot of my fans have wondered why I haven’t been sewing as much lately. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Read More >

How To Carry Less Gym Stuff To Work


Modern life involves a lot more hauling of things than you’d think it would.

If you contemplate on it longer than you should, which I have done and we’re about to do some more of, humanity should have evolved out of having to carry so many things to function on a daily basis. Read More >

Crafting and Kismet – The Thrifty Way


This, my friends, is a tale of thrifting fate…the kind of story that could happen to any thrift shop-loving guy or gal!

So there I was, standing in line at my local Goodwill, with my mind on my treasures and my treasures on my mind. But while I waited, my eyes started to wander…an easy thing to do in a thrift store! And there it was, sitting next to me- an old brass-colored metal mesh box just begging for a makeover.  Read More >

Organize Your Garage, Once and For All


Newsflash: Garages are for cars, not stuff.

If your garage is in disarray, it’s time for an overhaul. Follow our step-by-step instructions to clear the clutter and regain precious functional space. Your goal for this weekend project? Plenty of room for your vehicle to enjoy some R&R. Read More >

Anne’s Goodwill Declutter Challenge: Make the Guest Room More Inviting

Ribbet collage

We have a guest room. It even has its own bathroom. We could let one of the boys claim it as their own, but that doesn’t seem quite fair. After all, how could we decide which one of them deserves his own bathroom? Nobody deserves their own bathroom. I don’t have my own bathroom — marriage means you share one until death do you part, or until you have a pile of money and separate bathrooms — so why should a child get a private bathroom? Read More >