Anthro Knock-off Library Letter


I was in Anthropologie a few weeks ago and saw these letters. Excuse me? Yes, please. But, $20 a book? No, thank you. Not when I can get a Reader’s Digest at Goodwill for $1. Read More >

A Few of my Favorite Things…


1. Abbie bought these fantastic lamps at Goodwill. You can hardly go wrong with aqua and gold lamps. Also, her buffet is perfectly styled. Am I right? Read More >

The Scarf


So, I really like this scarf trend that’s happening. It’s a little bit I Love Lucy and a little bit of a cover up for a bad hair day. Either way, win/win. I bought this pastel striped scarf at Goodwill and it is perfect for what I wanted. I gave it a roll and a tie and bam, that’s it. Easy, thrifty style. Read More >

DIY// Floral Party Hat


I’m a party planner, by nature. I love all the details that go into making an event feel special and one of a kind. I want guests to have fun and leave feeling like it was the best party ever. So, when I saw a floral party hat on The Hunted Interior, I knew I had to try it. Read More >

DIY// Toothpaste Cap Art


I love a simple art project so, when I saw a DIY for stamping with a toothpaste cap, I was in! I just used card stock,  some craft paint that I had leftover from our Craft Night and a sample of toothpaste. Read More >