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December 15, 2016

Holiday Gift Wrap the Thrifty Way

I love Christmas. Seriously. I love this time of year and pretty much everything about the holiday season. But there’s one thing that has always stuck in my craw…and that’s the wastefulness of holiday gift wrap. As pretty as those elaborately-wrapped boxes may be, they usually end up in Christmas morning garbage bags…which is like throwing out money! So, when my thrifting eagle eye spotted these vintage sewing patterns at Goodwill, a Christmas wrapping idea started to form.


Could sewing pattern tissue paper be used as gift wrap??

After playing around with a few options, I can tell you this: Not only can it be used as gift wrap, but there are ENDLESS gift-wrapping opportunities with it. And all for just a couple of quarters.

First, I decided to re-create British Christmas crackers- a fun way to wrap small trinkets or Christmas stocking gifts. Using a paper towel cardboard tube (cut in 2), I wrapped each half in sewing pattern paper, twisted the ends, and tied them off with twine.


Aren’t those perfect? And you know what? The muted Earth tones of the sewing patterns fall right in line with the hot & trendy rustic farmhouse style. I didn’t even think of that when I started this!


Ok- but I still have two more repurposed gift wrap ideas to show you. This time, I grabbed a plain brown gift bag, my sewing pattern tissue, and a rubber stamp to decorate the bag with.


While the ink dried on the bag, I treated the sewing pattern paper like regular wrapping paper…and wrapped up a couple of boxes as my third gift wrap option. Paired with pretty ribbons and bows, they look quite snappy!


So there you have it- three fun ways to wrap gifts from a SINGLE sewing pattern envelope…and seriously, I have tissue paper leftover. Plus, they coordinate wonderfully with the rest of my rustic-mountain-lodge holiday décor.


When your gift wrap is this inexpensive and low-waste, you can spend a bit more on other things- travel costs, gifts, charitable donations, etc. Definitely a festive bonus!

Craft on!



  1. I’m feeling really conflicted about this one. It looks great but…sewing patterns!! NOOOOOOO!!

  2. I’m with Shanika– totally conflicted! Maybe only use modern big 4 patterns? What if you wrap a gift with a rare or old pattern?? NOOOOOOO!!

    • Goodness, I would NEVER use a legitimately old pattern! Heck, I sell those in my Etsy shop.

  3. I think your gifts look very, very nice! I reuse the brown paper bag too. This year I discovered rustic macramé-rope, still wrapped in plastic, in an old closet at my father’s home. My late mother left so much crafting stuff behind when she passed…
    I use it to wrap around the brown paper with little gold bows and mini christmas balls. So nice!

    • Thank you so very much for your kind words and support, Kathleen!

  4. I have mixed feelings as well. The patterns will still end up in the trash and they are patterns. It’s a cool idea maybe for sewing and crafting friends, but I still feel a little bad about it.

  5. What a great idea! Two ways to look at this–
    *No matter what is used, will eventually end up in the garbage–sad, but true, but, also being creative.
    *The pattern tissue is a means of thrifting, in order to save money for fun things, as Sade mentioned.
    I’m with you, Sadie.

    • Thank you so much, Kathryn. I was shocked at the negativity here! I’m pretty sure no one will miss the ONE sewing pattern for a circa-1988 jumper that I used for this project. But thank you so much for your encouragement- I needed it after seeing this!

      • No negativity! I love the outcome but since I also love vintage patterns, so I feel conflicted in loving the outcome. Ha, if that makes sense.