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November 15, 2016

Yo, Christmas Tree?

In early October I was cruising through my local Goodwill just because I was nearby and noticed an abundance of Christmas decorations.


They were just table and tree decorations, but it got me to thinking about my current Christmas tree. Last year I declared it too “Charlie Brown” after seven years of putting it up and taking it down. It was looking pretty bare, with much of the faux greenery having shed off. But the big box stores hadn’t yet put out their Christmas stuff and I wanted to be a good money saver and get a new one before they were no longer on sale, so it had to be before Halloween.

I put out a call on Facebook asking anyone where they recommended I get a 7.5 foot tree that would cost less than $100 because while I like Christmas, the tree is only up for about one and a half months at best — spending more than that just seems absurd. People suggested online shopping like Amazon, or places with coupons like Hobby Lobby, but then something that you might call a Christmas miracle happened!


My phone buzzed with a text from my friend, Tracie who said that she was at Goodwill and had found a 6.5 foot tree for $6.75, did I want it? I said yes, yes please!, and just like that, a tree was had. I picked it up from her the next day since luckily we live close to one another then came home to set it up under my carport, while dressed for the 80 degree weather, to make sure all of the parts were within the taped together box. Thanks Tracie!

Unfortunately, there were a few missing parts, like two pieces of the stand and one branch. But since I had not yet gotten rid of the Charlie Brown-looking tree, I was able to use a few pieces from it to fill in the missing spots.


Our new-to-us tree only cost $6.75 and proves the power of putting your desires out there to the world, because you never know when they might be answered. All you have to do is ask, and be ready to pay it forward to someone else later!