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August 26, 2011

Fashion: Work Wear


Do you love this, or what? The skirt is Banana Republic and the top is GAP. (Let’s all pretend that the bottom button is buttoned, k? I may have missed that until after the fact.) My favorite part is the detail on the front of the skirt–gotta love a little gather. And, it has pockets. I’m not sure who made the initial decision to bring back pockets, but THANK YOU.


Shopping at Goodwill is a great way to build your work wardrobe (and your regular wardrobe!). They’re friendly on the wallet, too.

Top: $4.25
Skirt: $4.25
Cute outfit for the office: $8.50

Seriously, a bargain. Go ahead, make your friends jealous of your Goodwill clothes. What great pieces of clothing have you found at Goodwill, lately?

Enjoying the Good Life,





  1. Love the colors you put together and how modest and nice these two articles of clothing are!

    • goodwillsc

      Thanks, Ashley!

  2. You totally inspired me to go shopping at
    Goodwill and I nabbed 4 pair of super nice shoes! Thanks!

    • goodwillsc

      Thanks! I have a post on shoes coming soon!