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August 26, 2011

Fashion: Work Wear


Do you love this, or what? The skirt is Banana Republic and the top is GAP. (Let’s all pretend that the bottom button is buttoned, k? I may have missed that until after the fact.) My favorite part is the detail on the front of the skirt–gotta love a little gather. And, it has pockets. I’m not sure who made the initial decision to bring back pockets, but THANK YOU.


Shopping at Goodwill is a great way to build your work wardrobe (and your regular wardrobe!). They’re friendly on the wallet, too.

Top: $4.25
Skirt: $4.25
Cute outfit for the office: $8.50

Seriously, a bargain. Go ahead, make your friends jealous of your Goodwill clothes. What great pieces of clothing have you found at Goodwill, lately?

Enjoying the Good Life,