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July 05, 2016

When Thrift Store “Randoms” Become a Coordinated Set

As a DIY blogger, I sometimes (okay, OFTEN) buy “random” things from Goodwill…particularly from the housewares section. I just never know when an idea will hit me…but when I see something that I *think* might inspire a project later on down the road, it always ends up in my shopping cart.

I swear I’m not a hoarder! It just goes with the blogging territory.

But on the flip side, sometimes these “random” pieces end up working together- eclectically coordinated in their own special, thrifty way. And that’s what happened with this unusual trio- a small wooden cutting board, a metal candle holder, and a clear glass bowl.


They were all purchased during different thrifting excursions at different stores, but they somehow ended up piled atop each other in my craft room. And thus an idea was born- why not create a chic little vanity set for the powder room?

For the cutting board, I decided to forgo my usual go-to (i.e., paint). Instead, I purchased some marbled peel-and-stick contact paper to wrap it in.


After watching this video, I followed the instructions to expertly wrap the board so that the corners were neat. Thank goodness for YouTube, right?


In a matter of minutes, I had transformed it from a scarred and scuffed wooden cutting board…


…into a nice slab of white marble- perfect for a bathroom vanity!


All I needed to do was wash and dry the gold candle holder and the glass bowl- and just like that, an eclectic vanity tray/set was born.


I filled the bowl with cotton balls and set some beauty favorites on the “marble” tray and candle holder “platform”. The blend of neutral colors worked perfectly together- and the gold candle holder added some metallic pizazz as well as height.


To mix things up, I can even turn the candle holder upside down and use the curly-q legs to hold bracelets and rings! Talk about double duty bonus on the super duper cheap.

Craft on!


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