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September 20, 2016

Wear Those Jeans to Yoga Class

So you totally kept the legs from the patriotic jean shorts we made in June, right? Awesome, because we are finally going to use one of them for a quick, funny and useful project!

All exercise requires equipment, even running and yoga. Running requires shoes and socks at the very least, and yoga requires a mat (or strongly encourages the use of one). And those mats can be a little unwieldy unless they are properly wrangled. That’s what we are here to do, with a leftover jeans leg. And believe me, this yoga mat carrying case looks hilarious.

Even for the non-sewing crowd amongst us, you too can achieve this one with a little no-sew hem tape, just substitute an iron for the sewing portion! First, I checked the length of the leg scrap against the width of the yoga mat. With my height, the leg scrap left about an inch exposed on each end of the yoga mat, which is perfect.


After that, fold over the raw edge from the cut end and either sew it up or iron it closed with your no-sew hem tape. And that is literally it for the sewing unless you’d like to sew the next step.


I opted for glue after my sewing machine was like LOL NOPE when I tried to sew the webbing that will act as the handle for this yoga mat carrying case.

The next step is to take webbing, which is what your dog’s collar is made out of, and measure your needs. I was very casual and did a lot of eyeballing for this project. Wrap the webbing around the mat and jeans leg, noting where the ends meet and have enough give to slip back off when it’s time for yoga. Do this twice and remove the webbing from around the yoga mat before gluing it together. I went with ultra strong Gorilla Glue for this project.

Once the two loops are dry, take a remaining length and measure the distance between where you’d like the two loops on the yoga mat. Add at least five inches of slack to account for being able to sling the mat over your shoulder. Glue the two ends on to the loops, again, not while it’s on the jeans leg.

Once everything is dry after at least 24 hours to be sure, you’ll be ready to freak people out with your bag that looks like a leg when standing!



Make sure you hang on to that other jeans leg though, because we have plans for it…soon!


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