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January 30, 2012

Warm Weather=Happy Painting Day

I took your advice (thanks!) and went green. Let me say, I like them 10x more than before:

They’re still neutral, but they seem a lot more soft this way. I heard that blues and greens are calming colors, yellow induces crying, red makes you frustrated, etc. Have you ever heard that? I tend to gravitate toward blues and greens and I really do find them peaceful.

And…I decided on a color and painted my sconces! I wasn’t sure where to hand them, but I’ve been in the mood to spruce up my dining room so I hung them in there to see how they would look.

I think I like them! I only had cream candles on hand, but I definitely plan on changing them out with white.

Do you see that outdated light fixture in the background? I have a new one that I hope to put up soon. I think the new one is going to look so. much. better.

Are you taking advantage of these warm, sunny days? Perfect painting weather because it’s not too hot, but you still have the sun to dry your projects quickly. Soak it in!

Enjoying the Good Life,