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December 09, 2016

Want to Have A Sustainable Holiday? Shop Local.

One of the many reasons we love to shop at Goodwill is the sustainability: they help keep items out of landfills. More importantly, Goodwill is passionate about helping people receive education and training which leads to employment and a stronger community; you can find more about their mission here.

Another way to be ecologically and socially sustainable is to support the small businesses in your community. This Holiday Season, I ask that you consider shopping local.

Perks of Shopping Local:

  • You are supporting someone’s passion. Owning a small business can be exciting. It can also be scary. It takes a lot of confidence to put your work out to the world and be judged. The best way to show appreciation for someone’s work is to buy from them. You like what they make/offer? Buy from them. Don’t just say it. Keep the dream going.


  • Small Businesses support other Small Businesses. We all want to see each other make it. Whenever someone is looking for a goods or service, I always suggest a local business first. Jewelry, clothes, purses, soaps, plates and mugs, household items, restaurants, etc.…I know someone. And they will all be grateful for your service. Also, a lot of makers get their materials from other small businesses. It’s a beautiful circle.


  • It keeps the community thriving. Taxes paid by small businesses stay within in the community which allow for more improvements and events. It also creates more opportunities for small business to offer their goods and services. Our local Farmer’s Market, has become a staple for many small businesses. Each week you can find farmers, bakers, crafters, food trucks, and much more. Farmer’s Markets allow small businesses to reach a larger audience.


  • You get to meet and know the person behind the product. When someone buys an item from me, I love being able to tell them the process/passion that went into creating it. This helps create a deeper appreciation all around.


Where & How to Support Local?

  • Get out and explore. See what your city has to offer.
  • Go to local craft shows. This is the best place to see a Maker’s work on display
  • Go to your local Farmer’s Market.
  • Check your local paper. Each paper usually has a “Best Of” feature. See whom the readers are voting for. You will discover new businesses in your area.
  • Purchase experiences: head to your local theatre, zoo, aquarium, museum, etc. Many of these places offer memberships that include more than just general admission. The memberships include discounts/ free admissions to special events, Member Appreciation Nights, discounts on food, merchandise, classes, and more.

How are you staying sustainable this holiday season?


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