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April 25, 2018

Want a Trendy Outfit? Check Your Closet First!

The weather’s beautiful, the pollen is out in full force and people are ready to shake off all reminders of winter.  But before you rush to the stores to stock up on the latest spring trends, take a look at your closet.


While you may have just bought a new outfit for either The Cup or Easter weekend spring is always a time when we tend to hit the stores for a new wardrobe, but what about the 90 percent of the clothes hanging in your closet unworn?  Chances are you already have some of the season’s hottest trends buried in the back.  Here are some of the most common closet finds that are perfect for spring:


  1. While it may not be quite warm enough to have bare arms, if you want to have a hint of skin sheer and semi-sheer pieces are the answer.  Blouses, skirts and scarves are just a few ways to give a nod to warmer weather and still keep a layer for the chilly mornings and evenings.  Just remember if you’re going to opt for a sheer top; wear a fitted tank under it and preferably a skin-toned one.

  1. It wouldn’t be spring without a nod to the sea.  Traditionally blue and white is a dominant color combo, and not just in stripes.  Since this is the season for white pants, skirts and shoes you can always feel comfortable and confident pairing them with blue in any shade.  Gold and red accents are the most common, but certainly not your only options.  Shake things up with yellow, orange, green and purple.  They are all complementary colors.

  1. Not to be confused with sloppy.  Slouchy is a relaxed look created with one oversized piece paired with fitted ones.  The best example is an oversized coat.  Pairing one with tailored shirt and pants gives you the best of both trends and keeps your look balanced and far from sloppy.  Another option would be a belted shirtdress.  The tied waist accents the loose nature of the dress.

  1. We know the 70s are always fun, but if prints, appliques, fringe or beads aren’t your style; statement jewelry like long necklaces and big earrings will give any outfit that seventy’s swagger.  And don’t forget about your shoes and belts.  These small details are all you need to give a nod to the trend.

Embracing spring style doesn’t have to mean opening your wallet.  It’s a transition season that will be over quickly, especially here in the South.  So before splurging on expensive pieces for a short season, search your closet for pieces you already own.  You may be surprised what you find.


I am always curious to hear some of your weekend wardrobe dilemmas and challenges.  Please send your comments and questions to