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September 12, 2017

Vintage-Style Lantern from a Broken Clock

I love going into Goodwill with an open mind and no shopping game plan. Sure, sometimes I go “Goodwilling” with a specific need for a project- but the rest of the time, it’s just an aimless treasure hunt meant to spark my imagination. I headed to the Goodwill stores in Spartanburg recently and found this treasure at one of them: a broken clock cabinet.

As soon as I saw it, I envisioned it as a stylish, vintage-look lantern! And to keep it simple, my lantern light source would be a basic push/tap light from the hardware or home improvement store.

I planned on gluing the light to the front of my clock, but needed the square hole to be larger so that I could access the battery panel. It was easy enough for us to cut out a larger hole (because we have a garage full of tools). But if you don’t have all those fancy tools? You could just use Velcro strips on the back of the light that line up with Velcro strips on the front of your clock!

I spray painted my clock cabinet black and very carefully painted the rim of the light a dark silver. Then, I simply used some super glue to attach the light to the front, lining up the battery pack with the hole we cut out.

I reattached the door to the rest of the clock and filled the cabinet with some emergency supplies for a power failure- now my lantern is also a “black out kit”! Batteries, glow sticks, LED candles, matches, and a hand-crank radio fit nicely inside, and I still have room for a few more things.

And that’s it! I actually love how it looks now, and it’ll be so handy during a power outage! The push light casts a good amount of light and it’s easy to carry around with the original handle on top. A fun and stylish upcycle that could really save the day when the lights go out.

Craft on!