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July 21, 2014

Vintage Colander Planter

I’m so excited to be sharing this guest post from Sadie Seasongoods! She has such a creative eye for craft and I know you will enjoy her project.

Colander Planter with WM

I don’t know about you, but I love vintage and thrifted kitchen goodies- gadgets, hand towels, salt-and-pepper shakers, you name it! And when we bought our house last summer, the front porch had a hook in the ceiling, just begging for a hanging basket to be hung. And in true Sadie Seasongoods fashion, I decided to build one using something repurposed.

Enter the cute old colander- often found in thrift stores and antique shops!

Pic 1_Colander

The next step was adding hooks/clips to the handles so that I could attach the chain. I bought two carabiner/spring hooks at the hardware store and clipped one to each handle.

Pic 2_Carabiner

To keep each carabiner “locked” in place, I used 16-gauge jewelry wire to wind around the carabiner and colander handle.

Pic 3_Carabiner Locker

Part of the charm of using a colander as a planter is that it already has holes for soil drainage! But I don’t want potting soil to crumble out over time, so I added a layer of cheesecloth inside the colander before adding potting soil.

Pic 4_Cheesecloth

A length of chain was clipped to each carabiner (I’ll hang it using a link or two on the hook), and then I added potting soil and some annuals (alyssum, in my case). How about that?

Pic 5

I am LOVING my little colander planter and may need to upcraft another one. Time to hit the thrift shops again!

Until next time…

Craft on!