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January 31, 2019

Valentine’s Day Decorations from Goodwill

If you look closely in the housewares selection at your local Goodwill, then you may notice a hidden trend – heart shaped treasures galore! From outdated bill sorters to magazine racks to picture frames, there are hearts lurking all over the store. But no matter how un-trendy they look at Goodwill, they are positively perfect for upcycling into Valentine’s Day decorations. Take this little jewelry box, for example.

After hitting several of my “regular” Goodwills, I ended up with two similar jewelry boxes and one small wooden picture frame. All had heart shaped cut-outs and could easily be transformed for Valentine’s Day, starting with some pink and red paint.

See what I mean? They’re already looking like V-day décor just by doing that!

But I took it a step further. I printed up vintage valentine cards to insert into the little heart shaped frames. I love vintage valentines, and printing scans was the finishing touch my decorations needed.

Any image would do, though- photos of kids or pets…printed romantic quotes…scans of old love letters, etc.

Aren’t they sweet? Perfect little Valentine’s Day decorations straight from the Goodwill shelves!

Will you be keeping your eyes peeled for heart-shaped housewares next time you’re thrifting? Sending my best “Goodwill hunting” thrift vibes your way!



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