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May 28, 2019

Updating Outdated Country Home Decor

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, country home decor was all the rage – especially items that had ducks, geese, or hearts emblazoned on them. I constantly find these outdated decor pieces at Goodwill and they are all begging for a modern makeover.

And this magazine holder is a perfect example of what I’m talking about! It’s super outdated, but was a nice, heavy piece (i.e., good quality).

So, I decided to remove the outdated parts and freshen it up into modern farmhouse decor. And it was actually pretty easy to make it look COMPLETELY different.

First, I removed the glued-on ducks and hearts. Then, I painted it a light grey and distressed the edges. Even just doing that made it look so much better.

I wanted to take it one step further, though! To give it a modern farmhouse look, I decided to add a wood panel behind the screen mesh. I used thin plywood and cut out a square that fit perfectly inside the magazine holder.

My plan? To decorate the panel to look like a vintage grain sack, which is very on-trend right now!

First, I painted the wood panel off-white and then used painter’s tape to create the “stripes” of a grain sack.

I dabbed on blue paint in between my tape “stencils” and when the paint was dry, I removed the tape.

And that was it! With a little wood glue on the edges, I pressed the panel behind the screen and let it dry overnight. What an improvement, right?

Think you’ll look at those outdated wooden decor pieces at Goodwill differently now? They really can become trendy, modern home decor – with just a little imagination and a touch of crafty magic.


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