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July 09, 2012

Update on the Roman Shades

Did you read my post last week about DIY Roman Shades? As promised, I’m back with an update! As you saw in the last post, I made my shades with a white cotton.

I assembled the shades on a drop cloth that I use to spray paint on. Some of the paint from the drop cloth stuck to the slats where there was liquid stitch. Moral of the story? Use a clean drop cloth. Definitely, a “live and learn” moment.

My husband (so smart) had the idea of attaching trim on top of the slats where the paint had rubbed onto the fabric. Seriously, brilliant. I used a liquid stitch to add binding on top.


Guess what? I like them 10x more than when they were plain. Maybe 100x more. It gives them a more polished look. It might be a little much if you were using a fabric with a busy print (like my chevron shade), but for the white…perfect.

Enjoying the Good Life,