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November 29, 2013

Ugly Sweater Party

Merry Christmas! How many of you are venturing out for Black Friday deals? Not me. No way, kids. Today is my decorate-for-Christmas day. I’ve been in a Christmas mood for weeks and I’ve been holding in the reigns, but no more. The tree is going up.

Now that it’s officially Christmas season, please tell me that some of you are going to ugly sweater parties. I’d love to go to one or host one. If you do, make Goodwill your first stop. There are so many Pinterest ideas for “decorating” a thrifted sweater with knick knacks and other hilariosities to uglify your sweater. (I’m making up a lot of words here.)




All of these, and more, can be found on my Pinterest board!

If you make a crazy sweater for a party, please show me! I love a good laugh.

Enjoying the Good Life,