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March 19, 2012

Tutorial: Spring Bunting

Did you know that tomorrow is the first day of Spring? Woot! Woot! It is garden planting, flower growing, sandal wearing time. I like the inside of my house to reflect this happy season, so I made a Spring bunting to hang above my kitchen sink.

I measured and cut a piece of string to the width that I wanted it. Then, I cut several pieces of fabric into triangles. If you feel nervous about this, you could probably Google a template, but I just free-handed the first one and used it as a guide for the rest.

Starting in the middle of the string, I used hot glue to attach each triangle to the string. I thought about sewing them, but they would probably work better with a ribbon than a string. For me, the glue ensures that they will stay in place.

Recognize these fabrics? Three are from Goodwill clothes and all of them are from projects on the blog. Save those scraps! They come in handy. : )

Happy Spring!

Enjoying the Good Life,


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