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December 05, 2011

Tutorial: No-Sew Fabric Flowers

I was looking through the pants rack at Goodwill and saw these pants. Mom pants–and my mom is one stylish lady, so she wouldn’t even wear these pants. What do you do with pants like these? Use them for fabric.

This is a tutorial for all of my non-sewing friends! Easy-peasy.

First, I cut a strip of fabric from the pants leg–about 2.5 inches wide.

I pinched one end and added hot glue to hold it together. This is your starting point.

Twist the fabric and wrap it around this point, adding hot glue as you go.

When I got to the end, I just glued to tail of fabric to the underneath. And, there you go!

I had extra fabric from my dining room curtains and extra chevron fabric from a roman shade that I made, so I whipped up a couple more.

I thought they would look cute on my gray cardigan–it gives it a layered, textured look. Just hot glue craft pins to the back of your flowers or, if you don’t mind sewing, you can add them with a basic stitch.

I thought of a few more ways you could use these flowers:

–Hot glue them to a hair clip or a head band

–Make several and hot glue them to a ribbon to use as garland (I am LOVING this idea)

–Add one (or several) to the corner of a picture frame

If you have any other ideas/uses for these cute flowers, I would love to hear!

Enjoying the Good Life,


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