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February 16, 2018

Top 10 Uses for Shoe Organizers

The worst mistake you can ever make in the world of organizing is to believe that an organizing product can ONLY be used for its intended purpose. Never fall into that trap. Instead, use your imagination!

Over-the-door, clear shoe organizers have about 24 pockets. Their intended purpose is to corral pairs of shoes so that you’re not looking all over the house or under the laundry for that one mischievous flip-flop. But these organizers can do so much more! Below are my top ten uses for these inexpensive, lightweight, slim-line storage solutions.

Number 10: Direct Sales Stock + Marketing

Direct sales companies are famous for samples and branded marketing. They send no shortage of tiny things to pass on to potential customers. Your business cards, postcards, brochures, samples, and stock must be organized so that you’re always aware of your inventory levels and have the ability to quickly assemble a hostess gift at a moment’s notice.

Number 9: Action Figure + Barbie Heaven

Some toys are just a pain to keep track of…..but you need to in order to avoid the classic kid-meltdown. If your kiddos are like mine, the Barbies, action figures, and all their accessories easily get mixed in with Legos and Lincoln Logs during epic story tales. In order to set the scene for tomorrow’s imaginative play, return the action figures and their accessories to a central location. Clear shoe organizers allow kids to spot the items they need and easily access them. They also help with quick cleanup so that Malibu Barbie’s sunglasses don’t go missing!

Number 8: Cleaning Supplies

Store your supplies in easy to see sections on your shoe organizer. Keep dusting products next to the dusting rags or Swiffer refills. Keep your laundry stain remover near your dryer sheets. You’ll always know what you have and what you need to buy more of.

Number 7: Make-Up + Toiletries

The back of your bathroom door is a great place to keep stock of all the make-up and toiletry items you use on a daily basis. Never lose track of your eyeliner, tweezers, or deodorant again! This space is ideal for toothpaste, cleansers, moisturizers, foundation, eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses, as well as hair brushes, gel, shears (for that quick trim), and curling irons (….but wait until those are cool before putting them back).

Number 6: Sewing + Crafts

Keeping track of your sewing notions is infinitely easier when they each have their own home. Threads, needles, thimbles, and buttons can find their permanent place in a shoe organizer. Stash your different types of glues and craft scissors in the next set of pockets. Make room for scrap fabrics, paint brushes, paint bottles, crayons, colored pencils, and scrap paper too.

Number 5: Seasonal Accessories

Got a coat closet? Keep your seasonal accessories just as easy to grab in a shoe organizer. Assign one row to each person in the home. Keep track of your sunglasses, hats, chapstick, gloves, scarves, sunscreen, and bug spray to avoid the last minute run-around. Pet items like leashes and waste bags are a great addition.

Number 4: Snacks + Lunch Items

Can we all agree that shaving a few minutes off lunch prep is genius?! Particularly if you wait until the morning-of to pack! Juice boxes, granola bars, chips you portioned out into Ziploc baggies, fruit cups, plasticware, and napkins can all be stored on the inside of your pantry door, next to your hanging lunch boxes.

Number 3: Tools + Utility Items

No room for pegboard? Try a shoe organizer to keep your batteries, lightbulbs, screw drivers, hammers, and measuring tools sorted for easy access. You’ll thank yourself every time you reach for a AA battery!

Number 2: Gardening Supplies

From seed packets to gloves, these shoe organizers can save your sanity when you need to put a few plants in the ground. Hang the organizer on a shed door OR mount it to an interior wall. Those 24 pockets will easy accommodate your hand shovels, trowels, rulers (to measure depth), twine (to tie up those tomatoes), bag buckets (to transport extra dirt), seed markers, trimming shears, nailbrush, and kneepads.

Number 1: Infant Needs

If you’ve ever had a newborn in the house, you know you’ve got a lot of things that you need quick access to in order to preserve your sanity. Pacifiers, bibs, hair bows, blankets, onesies, diapers, ointments, creams, thermometers, medications, ball syringes, and socks are just a few of them!

As a bonus, clear shoe organizers are the go-to storage solution for individuals with ADD/ADHD. These organizers keep everything front and center so that no items are out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Take your organization to the next level by labeling each pocket so that it’s easy to remember where to return things when you’re done with them!

How do you use shoe organizers in your home? Comment below!

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