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January 05, 2016

To Love or Let Go?

Welcome to 2016!

A lot of us begin each new year with lofty expectations of how we’re going to be healthier, happier, more organized and overall better people. But then January 16th rolls around and you find yourself lazing in your messy apartment in ratty pjs taking bites from a block of cheese while watching bad reality TV. Piles of clothes pour out of your closet to the point where your wardrobe is now a floordrobe (Please tell me this experience is universal and not just me). You know you need to get it together, but how?

This year can be different, my friends! I have just the thing to get your new year off to a more stylish and clutter-free start.

It’s called To Love or Let Go. If you struggle to pare down your wardrobe to the pieces that you’ll actually wear, this flow chart can help you make those tough decisions piece by piece. When you’re done, you’ll have a closet of clothes that you enjoy wearing, and a box of fashions that can find a new life in the closet of an avid thrifter (like me!).


It’s all a part of The Goodies, Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands SC’s downloadable content series that can help you declutter and DIY your way to a more inspired life. Whether you need a guide to streamlining your style or just cleaning out your drawers, these fresh features are sure to inform and delight. 

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