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June 16, 2017

Tips to Keep Dad Looking Cool

Sunday is Father’s Day, and while it’s a day to celebrate dads everywhere it’s also a day to help them amp up their style. If we’re going to insist on giving them a tie, wallet, pair of socks or belt it might as well be a fashionable one.

I’m sorry to break the news to you dads, but you aren’t known for being at the forefront of fashion but don’t worry moms aren’t either. Luckily for both of you, you don’t have to be fashion-forward or trendy to be stylish. In fact trying too hard is almost worse than not trying at all. Updating your dad and mom’s style is actually quite easy when you know what to look for and what to avoid.


Here are a few tips to help all the moms and dads in your life establish and maintain an up-to-date look:

#1 Reinterpret traditions.

It’s no secret that fashion changes constantly, but even the basic rules of dressing have changed over the years and are not what we grew up learning. For example, the traditional rule of wearing shoes that either matches or are darker than the lowest hem was made before ‘nude’ shoes were as prominent and acceptable as they are today. This one adjustment will not only drop 10 years off your look immediately; it will also make you look taller.

#2 Replace your pieces.

Material, cut, and detailing have all changed over the years and should be reflected in your wardrobe. I know it’s a hard to retire a piece you may have paid good money for years ago, even though it still fits and isn’t worn out, but you need to let it go. Keeping a few vintage pieces is okay, but they only work when mixed with modern ones. Wearing an entire vintage outfit never works. It just makes you look old and out-of-date.



#3 Showing skin is a good thing.

You don’t hear this very often, especially with adults, but it’s true and falls under the general purvue of keeping your look age appropriate. As we get older, the tendency is to cover up more and more, but all that draping can be overkill. While you may not necessarily want to wear a tank top or 3” shorts, there are options like ¾-length sleeves and 7” shorts that bridge the gap between your comfort level and socially acceptable.

#4 Mixing prints and patterns are permitted.

Years ago, mixing prints and patterns was never ‘allowed’ by the fashion gods, even as children, but today it is second nature. The only guide is: keep the proportions varied so they complement one another instead of competing. Common colors are also a way to pull two prints and patterns together cohesively.


Your style may change slower than fashion, but it should change, especially as we get older and enter various stages of our lives. Don’t limit your wardrobe or your options by clinging to outdated rules. It is possible to find a happy medium that keeps both you and your look modern and relevant.




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