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January 09, 2018

Thrifty Makeover for Winter Décor

Blogging is a lot like being the editor of a magazine…because our heads are always looking six months ahead. So, when I stumbled across this decorative wooden sled at Goodwill in the middle of May, I knew immediately that it would be a perfect Christmas project to work on! 

And then, as it often does, Christmas came and went in a blur…and my thrifted sled was still in the garage, waiting for me.

Sigh. So many projects, so little time.

But with the holidays behind me now, I started to look at my sled a little differently. What if I pushed aside a red & green idea in favor of an icy blue & white idea for winter? And with South Carolina in a deep freeze, an indoor painting project sounded really ideal.

For the sled rails, I grabbed some dark metallic silver paint to carefully brush on.

And when the rails dried, I selected a cool sky blue for the remainder of my sled. Even though it was already blue, I wanted it to be lighter and brighter.

I used a dark brown wax on the silver rails to “age” them a bit, and sanded down the blue panels for a more vintage look…and because I can’t leave well enough alone! Then came the really fun part…stenciling on some snowflakes with an awesome winter stencil!

And that was it! Now it was ready to inspire some winter decorating in my house- once the Christmas stuff was all packed away, the house needed a new injection of décor!

I don’t do a lot of winter decorating, but I’m excited to use this piece year after year as I impatiently wait for Spring to arrive!

Craft on!


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  1. Cute!