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September 12, 2016

Thrifting to Splurge

I’m a huge foodie. I love cooking and eating delicious things made with care and skill. Every now and then I see absolutely nothing wrong with dropping $100 on a multi-course dining event (as long as booze is included). This may surprise many of you who are used to reading all about my tips and tricks for saving money through thrifting and DIYing.

One time I tried to talk a friend of mine into joining me at such an event. She said no, explaining that she didn’t want to spend that much on one meal. Fair enough, but c’mon! It was well worth it.

I stand by my life choices.

I stand by my life choices.

“I feel like you’re judging me, but I’m an incredibly frugal person,” I said defensively.

“No…you’re not. You are absolutely not,” said my friend (and best critic), Erin.

“Here’s the thing. Yes, you buy all your clothes at thrift stores and are ridiculously cheap about buying furniture. But you travel and you eat out a lot. Those things aren’t cheap,” she explained.

My bedroom from 2013. It’s not pathetic. It’s minimalistic.

It’s true. I rarely spend more than $1 on an item of clothing, and I will spend months scouring antique malls and thrift stores for the perfect (and perfectly priced) end table. I do all my own yard maintenance and at least try to perform whatever home repairs need to be done myself.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. For me, a penny saved on something like clothes or paying someone to do something you can do yourself is a penny you can now spend on fun things like original art, concerts or a weekend trip to the mountains. 🙂


or fantastic seasonal cocktails!

Everyone budgets their money differently, but for this SIOD (single income, one dog) gal, thrifting a new top for $1 rather than buying a similar one for $20 new means I can still look fabulous while sipping my Motor Supply cocktail (and with a little less guilt). It means I can use my $3 skillet to sear a tasty steak.  It means I can feel completely justified in treating myself to a pumpkin spice latte the size of my head after thrifting a new pair of fall boots for $10.

By saving more on material objects, I can enjoy more of the things I love, like good food and travel. 


First PSL of the season!

You get my drift.

So while the experiences I splurge on may seem like ridiculous expenses to the untrained eye, they bring me way more joy than a new living room set. To me, they’re worth it.

Matchy-matchy isn't my style anyways. :)

Matchy-matchy isn’t my style anyways. 🙂