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February 07, 2019

Thrifted Vases Deliver Beauty On a Budget

One item that thrift stores seem to have in abundance is glassware.

From cups to drinking glasses to wine glasses to vases, these items can range from less than $1 to $5! With these prices combined with the beauty of glass, the possibilities for decorating are endless!

With this abundance of glass for next to nothing, it makes it simple to use around the house! And one thing I always love to have around my house is flowers. The fragrance, the easy beauty adds the simplest touch yet timeless style.

Even better, this look can be achieved simply with flowers directly from your grocery store!

After picking out your favorite glass from the thrift store, the steps are a piece of cake!

First, clean the glass to make it shine and remove any dust or residue. Go ahead and fill it halfway full with water.

Second, cut the stems shorter than normal (depending on the height of your thrifted find!). Be sure to cut at an angle and allow them to touch the water once inside the vase.

Third, style it on your favorite side table!

Finally, enjoy these beauties for weeks to come!


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