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March 03, 2016

Thrift It Forward

I love thrift store shopping because there are so many unique pieces I find that I just can not locate in a regular retail store. It feels good when someone walks into your home and asks, “Where did you get that from? I’ve never seen it before!”

Although I like thrifting, I try to “thrift if forward” to ensure thrifting remains fun and enjoyable.

But wait…what does that mean? Thrifting it forward is similar to paying it forward, except you aren’t paying for the next person’s meal or cup of coffee.

Thrifting it forward accomplishes many things but here are my top 3 favorites:

1. It prevents you from becoming a hoarder.


Hoarding is a very real problem and it starts from just one or two pieces you just can’t get rid of. When I am at a thrift store and I see something that I just have to add to my collection, I make sure I donate something back to the thrift store.

For example, I love contemporary dishes, but I do not like paying a lot of money for them. If I find a great set of dishes, I make sure I donate a set that I have not used in quite some time. This can be tricky if you like to table scape. If you do, that is completely okay, you can choose something else to donate in its place.

2. Fresh Décor


Some people love to change out their décor with the seasons, special events or just because it’s Thursday. If you thrift forward old decor items in your home, you free up space as well as give yourself the opportunity to give your space a fresh look. A great way to implement this is with artwork or picture frames. Goodwill always has an ever-changing supply of frames and art work. When you see something that catches your attention, buy it and freshen up your living space.

3. It’s Environmentally Friendly

An excavator crushes trash at the Anchorage Landfill, Aug. 21. The landfill provides the methane that powers the newly constructed Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Landfill Gas Plant. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

I am not a tree hugger by any means, but I am very conscious about doing my part to keep the environment clean. Instead of throwing away unwanted items and adding to landfills, your items go directly to Goodwill for others to enjoy. There is no expiration date on good quality pieces.

So..the next time you are out thrifting remember to Thrift It Forward!