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November 16, 2011

The Fundamentals of Ornamentals

Hello everyone! My name is Barb Blair, and I run a little “transformation business” called Knack. I am so happy to be visiting here today, and enjoying the good life! {wink} I absolutely love that the focus here is on taking found and salvaged goodness, and creating fresh and useful new pieces. I am so passionate about this process, and am stoked to show you all my latest creation.

I was walking around the studio a few weeks ago looking through all of my bits and bobbles, trying to come up with an idea for some Christmas ornaments. I stumbled upon a pile of old chair spindles that had been saved with the thought that they had a great shape, and one day would be used for something! That day was upon me, and my mind dreamed up these colorful little ornaments. The process was super easy, and took very little time. {I did get a little carried away with the hand painting, and that took some time, but it was worth it.} The great thing about these ornaments is that they can be customized in so many different ways. Have fun with them, and create your own masterpiece!

Materials :


Paint {several colors}

Paint brushes

Eye hook screws

Miter saw

Drill {and small drill bit}


Sanding Sponge

String or Ribbon


1. Using a miter saw, trim down the spindles to the shapes and sizes you desire. Please be careful when using big daddy saws! Be sure to follow all safety manuals and instructions carefully. If you do not feel comfortable using a saw, have someone cut them down for you.

2. Once the spindle pieces are cut down to size, attach the eye hook in the top. I used a tiny drill bit to start a hole, and after my fingers were numb from attaching so many, I finally got smart and used some pliers to turn the screws until they were nice and tight. So use those pliers my friends!

3. The spindles that I used in my project were already painted white, so I went ahead and let that be the base for my design. Also, I inserted the eye hook before painting because it made it easier to hold onto the spindles when painting. I used several different size paint brushes, so that the painting would be accurate and neat. Feel free to choose any color combinations that you want, and make this design part truly unique. This is where the creativity and fun begins!

4. Have a nice long plastic sheet laid out, so that you can carefully lay the spindles down for drying. Once dry, you can either leave them “as is”, or as I chose to do with mine, you can sand them a bit to make them look time worn.

5. I love a nice clear coat to make a project look finished, so after a good wipe down to make sure all the sanding dust was gone, I sprayed two coats of  Crystal Clear acrylic coating by Krylon. Be sure to turn them after the first coat is dry, to make sure every inch is covered. Don’t want anybody getting left out. This dries very fast, so you will not have to wait long for the second coat.

6. Once the clear coat is nice and dry, attach the string or ribbon of your choice and get ready to deck the halls!

Hope you all enjoyed this project. I sure enjoyed being here with you!

Thank you so much, Kendra for having me!