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April 02, 2015

The Real Shoppers of Goodwill: Mr. Goodwill Hunting

The Real Shoppers of Goodwill is an interview series with savvy bloggers who love to shop at Goodwill! If you didn’t catch the last two, you can read them here and here. They are fantastic, so you definitely want to go back and catch up!
Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Rashon Carraway from Mr. Goodwill Hunting!


Rashon Carraway is a design expert in both home and mens’ style. He has an eclectic sense of combining both the new and the old to create a timeless presentation of style.

When did you start shopping at Goodwill?

I started shopping at Goodwill probably way back in middle school.
How often do you visit? 

I don’t visit as often. But it used to be 3-4 times a week, multiple times a day.

Do you ever donate back?
Always donate back. I have a lot of clothes so those pieces I no longer wear I always drop them off.
What has been your favorite find?

My favorite find was – $10k Baker dresser that we paid $100 for. Deal of the century!

What is your advice to other thrifters?
Never go looking for something and you will find something.


Thank you for sharing, Rashon! That Baker dresser find is definitely amazing!

Enjoying the Good Life,