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April 21, 2015

The Real Shoppers of Goodwill: M is for Mama

The Real Shoppers of Goodwill is an interview series with savvy bloggers who love to shop at Goodwill! If you didn’t catch the last three, you can read them here, here and here. They are so fun, so you definitely want to go back and catch up!
Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Abbie from M is for Mama!

When did you start shopping at Goodwill?

Well, *I* started shopping at Goodwill in my teens…when friends from my youth group and I would raid the $0.50 t-shirt racks for vintage tees with “cool” sayings or pics or maybe something solid-colored we could tie-dye (yup, we were those weirdos). But my mom bought a lot of my clothes from Goodwill when I was little, so GW and I go way back.How often do you visit?

I used to frequent Goodwill as much as 2-3 a month. But now, with 6 kiddos under 9, including a newborn, I’ve trimmed back my visits pretty drastically. I’ve only made it 2-3 times since Theo was born (and he’s 3 1/2-months-old). I miss it! It’s seriously such a huge rush for me to stumble upon something amazing or score loads of cute stuff for my kiddos for practically nothing.Do you ever donate back?

Yup! I’m definitely a donator. I usually drop of 4-5 big loads a year.What has been your favorite find?

Hmm…favorite find…ever? That’s hard to narrow down. I’ve had some pretty great scores. I found a gorgeous floral Fossil bag once for $3 that I carried and got SO MANY compliments on for years and then sold for $15. That was pretty sweet. I’ve also scored a mint condition raspberry-colored wool Tulle pea coat for $10 as well as tons of designer jeans–some which I’ve kept, some which I’ve sold for a profit. I also scored a pair of turquoise and gold-flecked vintage lamp bases in perfect condition for something like $5 (for both). I’ve several offers to buy from blog-readers, but I am not parting with those babies!

What is your advice to other thrifters?

Honestly, my best advice is to go often (as you can) and keep an open mind. Oh, and find out when your local Goodwill puts out their “new” merchandise. If you show up on that day nice and early, you can be sure to get first dibs on the best stuff!
Thanks for sharing, Abbie! You always have great finds and that purse is no exception!
Enjoying the Good Life,

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