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March 12, 2018

The Pre-Spring Itch – It’s Time to Warm Up Your Wardrobe

Spring is in the air and has many of us feeling the pre-spring itch. 

With sunny days reaching 80 degrees and pollen already covering anything outside, we may want to say farewell to winter altogether, but spring is still weeks away.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t start embracing some of its elements and start working them into our outfits.

Here are a few trends and suggestions on wearing them now and later:



One spring staple that carries over to summer easily is gingham.  While the traditional pattern of small white and colored checks is a classic you will also find the pattern in larger proportions and various color combos.  Gingham has also expanded from shirts to suits, shorts, dresses and even coats.


Now is the time to look for shades of yellow, blue, green and pink that are warm, relaxed and easy.  A simple trick to incorporating these colors, and many others, into a transition outfit, is to find them in prints or use them as supporting colors.


Floral prints are a classic spring trend and this season expect to find them in all shapes and sizes.  From applique and embroidery to bold colors and tonal variations there is no wrong way to wear this print.  Shirts, pants, dresses, blazers, and sweaters will all be decked in flowers this season so you are sure to find a motif that’s perfect for you.


When the temperatures vary 20 degrees or more from morning to noon to evening, the only way to compensate is by wearing various layers.  Creating a chic look with multiple layers takes some time and planning, but it’s well worth it.  Instead of looking like a walking coatrack, create a look that is full of depth with various colors, textures, prints, and patterns.

Just like buds add a pop of color to dark, dead trees and plants, use bright color sparingly to add color and light to your favorite winter outfits.  Now is the time to give a nod to spring, not break out your full Spring/Summer wardrobe.


I am always curious to hear some of your weekend wardrobe dilemmas and challenges.  Please send your comments and questions to



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