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October 11, 2018

The New Contemporary Casual is All About Blurring the Lines

For some people wearing something comfortable, whether it’s for lounging on the sofa or attending a black tie event, is the only thing that matters.

If that sounds like you, enjoy this moment. One of the hottest trends in contemporary casual is the sweatshirt, and thanks to Meryl Streep it has even made a red carpet appearance. When she wore a Michael Kors sweatshirt to a film festival she solidified the versatility of this wardrobe staple and helped usher in the new look of comfort.

Now to be fair we are not talking about the collegiate sweatshirts we wear for yard work or those heavy cotton ones found in athletic stores. If you want to pull off a sweatshirt and not come across as lazy or frumpy you need to up the game. Here are a few tips on finding the perfect sweatshirt that balances comfort and style:

  1. Graphic Prints. Whether you choose a landscape, floral or geometric design, bold graphic prints are definitely eye catching and will set your new sweatshirt apart from the one you lounge around the house in. If you’re going to rock it, don’t hold back.
  1. We all have something to say, but sometimes we just can’t find the right words or place to say it. Enter the slogan sweatshirt. They let you express just about anything and because it’s on a sweatshirt no one is going to take it all that seriously.  So you can say how you feel without ticking anyone off. It’s a win-win.
  1. Textured metallic fabric, jacquard patterns, jewels or zippers; with an abundance of options you can find that little something extra that’s perfect for your sense of style. As we said earlier these are not the generic Champion sweatshirts from gym class. If you want to pull it off in public, it needs to have something special.
  1. We all know sweatshirts work with jeans and sneakers, but that pairing is not going to win you any style points. Instead try pairing them with skirts, blazers, dress pants or even shirts and ties. If none of that is catching your vibe you can always turn to leather.
  1. No matter how embellished or bold the sweatshirt is, it is still just a sweatshirt and needs some support. Don’t be afraid to go big on the jewelry; dressy with the shoes, and even evening with the bag. The idea is that the sweatshirt is part of your outfit, not the complete outfit.

For everyone who loves to be comfortable or dreams of living a life in lounge wear this trend could not be more perfect. But take note, it isn’t about just rolling off the sofa and out the door. The trend is about being stylishly comfortable, which takes some effort and because it’s a sweatshirt you may actually find yourself working harder to get it right.


  1. Thank you, Brian, for showing this trend with male and female examples and supplying tips to keep it on-point. Plus seeing you flip the designer pics and price tags for something more affordable is awesome!

  2. I live in a tiny VA town that has a GW. I go there often and I don’t know how some of the outfits you put together cost less than $25. Maaaaybe, if all items were marked with the week’s special price tag, say red or blue, yellow, etc it might work. I believe in thrift shopping and recycling, I’m just a bit skeptical, as well.