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April 03, 2013

The Green Juice

For the past few months, my Mr. and I have been making/drinking green juice. This juice has impacted my life. Was that a weird sentence? It’s made me feel healthier and I know that we are getting more fruits and veggies in our diets. And, it. is. so. good. Like, sometimes I’d rather have it than chocolate. That’s saying a lot.

You’ll need: A couple handfuls of grapes, a few handfuls of kale (Like the way we measure?), a green apple, an orange, 5-6 dates, ice.

Peel the orange, but leave the pith (the white part). The pith is really good for you! It contains Vitamin C, flavonoids (antioxidants), and fiber.

Layer it up and blend.

Once everything is broken down, we let it run for about 2 minutes, just to smooth it out.

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