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July 30, 2015

The Good Life

This is one of the first projects that I started working on for the blog, four years ago, and I just recently picked it up again. It’s time consuming, which isn’t my thing. But, it’s super simple and the outcome is two thumbs up. If you have patience or if you like to be busy while you watch a movie, etc., this would be a great project!

I bought a latch hook, a latch canvas, and t-shirt scraps from Goodwill that I cut into strips.


Thread your latch hook through the canvas.


Wrap the hook with one of your t-shirt strips…


and pull it back through the opening where you started.


Then, you just need to pull the tails through the loop!


Repeat in every other opening until you have covered your canvas! This could be a small mat or an area rug! Just cut your canvas to your desired size.


I feel a little nostalgic working on this project because this is my last post as the Good Life blogger. These past four years have been such a blessing to me, so thank you for sharing in them! And, no worries! The blog is headed in a fun new direction with new bloggers! So, stay tuned…


I really have enjoyed the Good Life,






  1. I’ll miss your posts! What a fun project to go out on 🙂

    • goodwillsc

      Thanks, Lindsay!

  2. So sad they’re losing your talent! You will be missed!

    • Kendra Ardis

      Thanks, Nicole!