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October 30, 2017

The Gold Standard

You know what makes thrifting so exciting? Well there are a lot of things, but one of the most important things is that you can take a small amount of money and score some amazing finds, when you least expect it. When I was decorating my apartment I was always on the hunt for dressers, pictures and mirrors that I could upcycle and make my own. Since my apartment is finished and it takes a long time to actually thrift pieces for clients, I now look for smaller items I can use in my table design business.


I have been pretty fortunate to be able to find quite a bit of pieces, but my latest and greatest find to date was this.



Yes, you see it. Gold flatware. I have thrifted gold flatware before and I have passed on a few pieces that were simply priced to high. However, at $6, I could barely wait until she grabbed it from the “glass case”. At first I inspected it to see if it had some weight to it. After about two seconds I threw caution to the wind and rolled up outta there. Who cares if they were fake, these set could serve a really great purpose from table styling to being the final touch to tablescape.


I was throwing my trash away a few weeks ago, and spotted this gold brass pedestal bowl. Let me be the first to say I am not a dumpster diver, but there was no way I was going to let this one get away. It was right in my reach!


Seeing this piece discarded by my neighbor really got me to thinking about what people are attracted to and how you can benefit. When you are thrifting it is best to thrift with what strikes your fancy and not what might get you a few likes on social media. When I first started blogging, brass was not popular. As more and more bloggers started finding amazing pieces at places like Goodwill, more and more people starting bringing them into their homes. So things got a little scarce because so many people were thrifting them.


Now that brass seems to be a passing fad, store are littered with them! That means those who really like brass and gold pieces can pick up a few great pieces to add to their home.


I will always be an advocate for checking Goodwill before I start decorating project or even in the middle of it. Thrifting doesn’t have to be expensive if you thrift based on what you like and not so much based on what is popular. That doesn’t mean you can’t score a few trendy pieces, but it means you will be able to get even more because you will be buying stuff that perhaps others have not yet discovered.


So tell me, what has been your latest find for under $10?