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October 01, 2015

The Endless Possibilities of Brass Candlesticks

There is a lot of stuff at your local Goodwill. Good stuff for you and good stuff for someone else. Stuff you may need and stuff you probably don’t need. Either way you look at it, Goodwill has a lot of stuff. Since I have moved my work into a studio and have started hosting parties and other events, I have been collecting props to use rather than renting them each time I needed them.

One of the things I have been collecting every chance I get (or when I can remember) are brass candlesticks.

I love them, just the way they are.


They look amazing when used in groupings with the same colored candles. I had an all-red dinner event back in February.  Instead of flowers, I opted to do the entire table with brass candlesticks and red candles. It gave off such a warm ambiance. Almost kind of magical.


If you start collecting enough of them you can use them for a wedding reception, larger dinner event or perhaps something small just as a candlelight dinner.

These brass candlesticks in my area go for about 50 cents to about two dollars. It really depends on the store. Although I like brass candlesticks just shined up a bit, there have been some other creative ways to use them and I must admit, they are pretty awesome!


If nothing else, you can always paint them your favorite color or even shades of your favorite color.




If you take all different shapes of these brass candlesticks and use one color it provides such an interesting presentation. Just perfect for birthday decorations or any other celebrations you may have.

These candlesticks are intended for candles but they can be used for so many other things. Look at how these succulents rest so beautifully in their candlesticks.


You know Fall is knocking right at our doors here in the South and that means seasonal decorating (Yes we get excited about decorating for the Fall and Winter seasons).





I would have NEVER thought to put Christmas ornaments on top of these brass candlesticks, but you know what?  It works. I cannot wait to try this one at the studio or at home.

The possibilities are out of this world when you use those random candlesticks that are all over  your local Goodwill. Because they are so inexpensive, you can buy them all!

Do you buy or collect brass candlesticks? What do you use them for? Do you like any of the ideas above?

Do tell!