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April 20, 2017

The Easter Shirt

I usually like to begin my columns with a snippet from a song, but not much rhymes with “Here Comes Franklin Checkered-Shirt”, and there just aren’t that many memorable Easter tunes. (“Easter Parade…eh. “This bus is double-deckered, and your blue shirt is checkered…”? Not so much.

Therefore, without musical reference, I will simply tell you the (now) three-year-old story of the blue checkered Easter shirt.

Just before Bunny Day, 2015, I was at Goodwill, shopping for props for an upcoming show, and ran across what appeared to be an absolutely brand new (with original extra buttons still pinned to the bottom) Nautica button-down. I had been planning to buy one, anyway, and $5.00 at Goodwill sounded better than $40 elsewhere, so I quickly abandoned my other search (did that girl ever get her cast-iron skillet? Who knows, but the show went on, apparently), and purchased what would soon become “The Easter Shirt”.

The first year, it was simply the shirt I happened to put on for our celebration. It was our first Easter as a married couple, and The Missus and I had a wonderful time preparing our feast together. ( I believe we had poached salmon that year, but can’t quite recall.) Anyway, we had a lovely day, with my sporting a spiffy new shirt.


Last year, I distinctly recall getting out of the shower and wondering if the blue checkered shirt from last year (not officially named yet, mind you), was clean. Happily, it was, and for the second year in a row, my lovely bride and I enjoyed Easter, my blue checks shining in the glow of renewed spring. Or maybe that was the year the tablecloth caught on fire…they all run together as one ages. Either way, we were happy.

This year…well, let’s just say I’ve never found the lyrics to “Welcome, Happy Morning!” more applicable or appropriate. Laurel’s treatment continues to exceed all expectations, and she’s getting back to full health more quickly every day. Our third married Easter was similar to its predecessors, but there was extra joy and happiness in the air. And rabbit ears.


…and, of course, The Easter Shirt. I have no doubt it’ll be in photos for years to come. 😉