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October 25, 2018

The Cutest DIY Witch Shoes

Every year, I love to find ways to create thrifted costumes for my children! One year, my son was a pirate and we found clothes and shoes at the Goodwill to cut and arrange as a pirate!

Last year, my daughter was a flamingo and I found a pink jacket at Goodwill that I covered in feathers! This year, my middle son wanted to be a ghost so I thought it would be cute for his sister to be a witch!

Luckily on a visit to an arts and craft festival I found the perfect tutu and broom already made!

One quick search on Pinterest led to several blogs that suggested making witch shoes, so off to Goodwill I went!

I literally happened to find these perfect white heels just in her size AND a black ladies shoe, complete with a buckle!

I cut off the front and duct taped/hot glued the front of the black shoe around the white shoe, spray painted it all and ta-da! The most perfect witch shoes!!

I cannot believe how cute they turned out!

She is SO excited to be a witch and I am so excited, too!