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April 01, 2019

The Crush-Your-Clutter Giveaway

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a professional organizer in your home? Available to answer your questions and provide fresh insight to a problem area that has puzzled you for years?

Well this is your chance!

Goodwill is partnering with Upstate Clutter Coach in Greenville, SC to offer two lucky winners three sessions of 30-minute virtual organizing!

During these sessions, Clutter Coach Lauren Flinte will partner with the winners to organize any space in their home by providing insight, direction, product recommendations, and live one-on-one support.

To enter go to our Instagram page.

In the meantime, let’s go ahead and assume you’re going to win! The first thing I want you to do (after you finish jumping up and down for joy) is to think about what you want to work on. Below, I’m going to walk you through my seven sure-fire steps to declutter any space! Since you’ve “already won,” the good news is that when you get stuck on any of these steps, I’ll be right by your side (via video chat) to guide the way! So without further delay…

Step 1: Determine Your Goals
Organization can look like anything to anyone, so it’s important to have a clear picture in your mind of the final outcome. What space do you want to tackle? How do you want the space to feel and function when you’re finished? Use these answers as guideposts to keep you on track throughout the process.

Step 2: Tackle the No-Brainer Clutter First
This part is super fun! Grab two trash bags and label one for “Trash” and the other “Donate.” Begin tossing all the things you KNOW are trash. Yes, there’s trash. There are the random notes you made to yourself six years ago that are no longer important. There are the expired items. Don’t forget about the broken things that you’ve NEVER repaired. Hint: if you haven’t fixed it by now, you’re not going to, and that’s okay! We’re in the business of progress, not perfection. Donate anything that you never use, don’t like, or are duplicates of the things you do use. As long as they’re in decent condition, someone else can put them to better use. Release those things to their new and happier life. Finally, return things that belong elsewhere.

Phew! Didn’t that part feel good?

Now that you can see a bit more clearly…

Step 3: Create a Staging Area
This is important. As you sort stuff, you’ll need a place for it to temporarily hang out. You’ll also need a place for your trash bag (because you’ll find more trash, I promise), donations, recycling, shredding, and/or consignment bins. I’d also recommend that you try to keep this area kid and pet-proof. There is nothing worse than a child tornado mixing up your donations with your sorted items!

Step 4: Sort Like with Like
The best way to make decision that takes longer than 3 seconds, is to go ahead and just find ALL the other things like it and group them together. If you’ve chosen to work on your kitchen, go ahead and make a pile for spices. I promise you’ll find them in other places besides your spice cabinet. You’ll also be shocked at the number of cinnamons you end up with. Knowing what you have helps you to feel more confident about your decisions. Never skip this step. Confidence is what keeps you afloat during the tough stuff like memorabilia.

Step 5: Repeat Step 2.
Now that you’ve sorted, you’re going to see a LOT more trash and items for donation. Go ahead and remove those items that don’t belong in your space. Recall your goals from Step 1. If the extra cinnamon jars don’t help the space to FEEL and FUNCTION the way you want the space to, then they’ve got to go.

Step 6: Determine Storage Solutions
I know it’s fun to go shopping for containers, but please for the love of organization WAIT to shop until you KNOW what you NEED to buy! After you’ve edited your categories, you’ll be able to measure how much space your categories will require. If you’re buying containers, make sure you buy similar styles and shapes so that they’ll stack neatly and have the ability to be used in other spaces in your home in the future. Shop your house if you’re on a tight budget. Shoe and product boxes are AMAZING. Scissors, cardboard, and some duct tape can create just about anything if spending money isn’t a part of your end goal.

Step 7: Tidy Up
You’ve just invested a ton of time and energy into transforming your space. Don’t let all that go to waste over the next week, month, or year. Instead make a habit of putting things back where they belong. If you don’t have time to do this right away, then pick a day of the week where you’ll “reset” your space. Staying organized is like a loop. If you don’t ever get back to start, you won’t be able to stay on track.

I REALLY hope I get to see you (and your space) soon!

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