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March 16, 2012

T-Shirt Apron

I have a pile…a PILE of t-shirts to take to Goodwill, so I pulled one out that I particularly liked to craft with. Disney, from Ruffles and Stuff, made an adorable t-shirt apron and I used her tutorial to make this.

This is the t-shirt. Love Revolution, my friends. Does anyone else remember this tour? For some reason, I had this shirt in an XL, which worked well for this because a bigger t-shirt gives you more to work with.

Cut a rectangle out of the front of the shirt (I forgot to take a picture. Whoops.). Then, cut two strips out of the back of the shirt. I really just eye-balled it. I cut the length as long as the width of the shirt and I made the width about four inches. Make sense? You should have two strips that are about four inches wide.


Sew the two strips together to create one long strip.

Fold the strip in half, right sides together, iron the crease, and stitch the opening along the opposite edge.

Then, flip it inside out (right side out?) and iron it flat.

On to the apron…Take the hem and fold it up, folding the hem down a little to create a clean line. Pin it in place and sew the right and left side. Like Disney, I also sewed a few lines down the middle to create pockets.

Pin the strip that you made for the apron strings across the top and stitch in place.

So easy! Can I be cheesy and say “sew” easy? It’s a great remedy for a t-shirt that you no longer wear, but still like, or a Goodwill t-shirt that you may like, but is too big.

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Enjoying the Good Life,