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September 22, 2017

Strategic Thrifting: 20 Items Under $20

I love thrifting, that is no secret. I wake up early in the morning and spend my day going from store to store popping in to see what treasures I can find. If I am not careful I can spend almost $100 on random items that I may or may not use. Although it’s fun, spending $100 here and there can add up quick!

Lately, I have been challenging myself to stay on a fixed budget when I visit Goodwill. I like to see just what I can squeeze out of a small amount of money. The good thing is that I am still able to get some really nice items. The bad thing is that I can’t get all the nice items.

One very helpful way to manage a budget thrifting trip is to break your trips down into segments. Perhaps on one trip, your goal can be to focus on coffee table items. This means only looking for pieces that you can place on your coffee table.

On your next trip, you can specifically look for glassware for an upcoming dinner party and some coordinating plates on another trip. Even if you don’t think you can find items, I am here to let you know you can.

Here are 20 items you can buy for under $20 at your local Goodwill store.


1. Lamps

2. Books

3. Flatware

4. Mirrors

5. Sweaters

6. Picture Frames

7. Glassware

8. Candle Holders

9. Candle Sticks

10. Ceramic Urns

11. Brass Floral Holders

12. Occasional Wooden Chairs

13. Mini Fans

14. Weekender Bags

15. Trinket Boxes

16. Dinnerware

17. Ice Buckets

18. Pillows

19. Fabric Remnants

20. Trays



Thrifting can be fun, addictive, and expensive if you are not careful. I have learned one of the best ways to enjoy thrifting is to put yourself on a budget and look for certain items within that budget. Sometimes it may be a toss up between a more pricey item or several small inexpensive items.

Regardless of what your budget is or how you spend your money, a challenge can always be exciting and makes thrifting fun!

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