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November 10, 2016

Storage Revamp: From Jewelry to Sewing

Even though it’s November and I should be working on either holiday projects or DIY gifts, there is one kind of repurposing/upcycling that is never out of season: STORAGE (or organization)! Am I right or am I right?

I’ve dipped my toes in the shallow end of the sewing pool…and have waded in deep enough to the point where I’ve accumulated quite a bit of “stuff”. Pins, needles, bobbins, spools, seam rippers- you get the idea. So when I saw this outdated jewelry box at Goodwill, I couldn’t help but notice something intriguing about it…


The upholstered top was stuffed with fiberfill…which instantly reminded me of a pincushion! That’s when I decided that the box could be easily transformed into a sewing kit…and help me take control of my sewing supply mess.

I didn’t have to do too much to it- but I did want to give it a splashy coat (or two) of paint. Y’all know how I like to paint my thrift store finds! So, I taped off the fabric portion with painter’s tape before giving it a colorful makeover.


Once the paint had dried (I used a fun periwinkle color that ‘popped’ next to the fabric), I stuck some straight pins into the stuffing. It worked perfectly, just as I had expected.


Then, I used the little interior compartments to organize my sewing notions. I removed the ring holder foam pieces and tucked my endless supply of bobbins tucked into that compartment. Then I used the pierced earring separators to hold my larger, blunt-ended embroidery needles. The rest of my supplies just seemed to fall into place after that.


Obviously, I can’t store all my spools of thread in the box…but that just gives me something else to hunt for next time I go thrifting. Otherwise, it’s a pretty nifty sewing box that looks nice enough to leave out as decor.


Craft on!