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June 09, 2016

Start a Collection!

I had no clue I would be starting a collection of amber glassware, but most collections start when you least expect them.

If you’re wanting to start a collection of your own, I first suggest finding inspiration for what you want to collect.  Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are all great places to find beautiful images.

I often host dinner parties for myself and for my clients. That means I’m frequently on the hunt for inexpensive items to create a signature tablescape. Since I love glassware so much, it was no surprise that I would stumble upon vintage amber glassware. 

When I looked through Pinterest, I noticed there were a lot of event images that featured vintage glassware. I knew if I stumbled upon any of them it would be an amazing place to start. Inspiration gives you a great little motivation to continue hunting and searching.


When I found these glasses, I knew I had to have them for my next dinner party. Since they were so unusual, they were a great starting point to my collection. These tumblers are really a collector’s item because you don’t see them in regular retail stores. This is one thing I look for when collecting.

Here are three questions you can ask when you are in a thrift store and are wondering if what you’re looking at would make a great collection:

1. Is it expensive?

2. Are there enough available to start a collection?

3. Is this collection for display or will I be able to get use out of it?

Since I started with 8 pieces I knew I would get use of them, and since I’ve seen amber glassware in the past at Goodwill, I knew I would also be able to find more. Being able to find several of them one day doesn’t mean I will find more the next day, but if I continue looking, I will be able to spot a few pieces here and there.

The thrift angels were on my side, because just a few days later I found these. Score!


The most important thing to remember when trying to start a collection of any kind from Goodwill is to know what you like, not what someone else suggests. Because I host a lot of dinner parties, glassware and plates are ideal objects for me. A collection should serve a purpose, whether its simply being beautiful, or even just something you want to pass along to someone else. A thrifted collection should never waste space.

Have you started any collection from a random find at Goodwill? I’d love to see it!