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March 01, 2016

Spring Has (Almost) Sprung

Happy March! My latest trip to the local Goodwill store inspired a sense of springtime celebration. March, of course, is the month when spring arrives, not to mention St. Patrick’s Day, as well as (it just so happens) my birthday (just, you know, in case that’s useful information for anyone… *cough cough*). And this year, Easter Sunday is March 27. A season of renewal seems as good a reason as any for a little shopping.

Did you know Goodwill is a great place to look for holiday and seasonal items? Lots of Christmas baubles to be had (especially around the first of the year), a plentiful assortment of autumnal odds and ends, and a delightfully eclectic mix of springtime goodies. (Not all of these came home with me, but there were so many good finds I hated not to share some examples of what YOU might score at your local store.)

My favorite acquisitions were the spring table accessories.

spring table

The lovely oval dish and the charming little pitcher coordinated perfectly with a spring tablecloth I already had, as did a brand new pack of napkins.


The green mugs (75 cents each!) had a fun retro look, with a color and design that work for both springtime and St. Patrick’s Day (mug-friendly adult beverage sold separately).

For springtime style that’s more casual/country (and/or to add a little breath of spring air to a child’s room), there were lots of fun odds and ends on offer, most for 75 cents, including this tissue box cover that I swear looked hand-painted.

flower and tissue box

In the spirit of our sort-of-recent kitchen purge I decided to leave these cute spring-y containers behind, but I’d love to pile them with flowers, multicolored eggs, grass, or clover (hopefully the four-leaf kind). And that oblong ceramic dish is practically begging for an Irish soda loaf or a nice Italian Easter bread (neither of which are traditionally made in a loaf pan, but it would make for a lovely presentation, so I’ll give it a shot).


Speaking of Easter, you seriously never need to buy a new Easter basket, ever again. Every Goodwill store I’ve visited has a wide selection. Don’t like the color? Spray paint! Don’t like the ribbon? Replace it with one that suits your theme.


Rather go with something a bit less traditional for your little ones? Got ya covered:


For filling those buckets and baskets, my local store had a giant bin of egg decorating kits for 50 cents each (regularly $2), in tons of different styles. Some of the boxes were a bit mushed, but who cares? Definite budget saver, especially if you have a lot of eggs to do (or a lot of kids to entertain).


Short on time or ideas? My store has a table set up at the front, with lots of goodies already gathered for one-stop shopping each holiday season.


As I headed toward checkout, I spotted one more spring-inspired goodie I had to have.


Seriously, are these not ADORABLE? Sadly, they weren’t my size. I may or may not have wept a little when I had to put them back.

My springtime shopping spree (on an unusual seasonally cold February day) got me ready to greet the March festivities. Cheers to your own seasonal treasure hunts! And in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day:

May the road rise to meet you…

… and may you be wearing those cute shoes when it does.

Happy Spring!