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March 21, 2019

Spring Brings New Beginnings – Are We Ready?

Everyone loves spring! The warmer weather, sunnier days, blooming plants plus it is the season of new beginnings. It is literally a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of new beginnings, it wouldn’t be spring if we all weren’t a little more focused on the love in our lives, or if you’re single, lack of love. We can’t watch TV, check our email or listen to the radio without being bombarded with advertisements for dating sites or apps.

Fortunately, love is universal, and it doesn’t matter if we are happily coupled or still searching, as the weather heats up, dressing becomes more about being light, bright and flirty rather than bundled up under layers of sweaters and scarves. Here are a few tips on how we all can embrace spring and the season of love to its fullest, while still maintaining our dignity and stellar fashion sense:

  1. Dressing for a date. Getting ready for a date can be stressful, especially when we’re standing in the closet trying to find something to wear. There are so many questions and factors we have to consider because even the most stylish date outfit can fail if it’s not appropriate for the activities planned. For example, stilettos and a body-conscious dress are just as inappropriate for a street festival as a business suit and wingtips. It’s important to understand what the expectations are for the date and take them into consideration when choosing an outfit. There are ways to make every look work to our advantage.
  2. Comfort counts. Rarely do you hear these words when talking about fashion, and even stranger to hear them associated with dating. Aren’t dates the time when we want to look our best? Whether it’s a first date or not, being comfortable both in our skin and in our clothes doesn’t mean being slouchy. Instead it means we shouldn’t wear anything that makes us feel self-conscious, or literally causes us pain. Ideally the goal is to spend time focusing on our date, not fussing over our sore feet or constantly adjusting our clothes.
  3. Highlighting our best assets. Being confident is great and it usually means we like to show off a bit. However, we should still try to keep it understated. We all have parts of our bodies we like more than others, and it’s perfectly natural to want to highlight the good and minimize the rest, but we need to make sure our look is balanced. For example, if we want to show off our amazing arms we need to balance that by not over-exposing other parts. A sleeveless top with a midi-skirt is flirty, but a sleeveless top with hot pants is too much.
  4. We only get out as much as we put in. Our look is our personal brand and it says a lot about who we are. Since dating is all about compatibility it’s fair to say we will attract certain types of people based on how we dress. While we should always be true to ourselves, if we aren’t finding our ideal dates try changing up our look. Any style can be personalized so we should never feel limited to just one look or another. Much like dating risks can pay off.

Spring may be in the air, but so is love. Whether we’re keeping established relationships fresh or forging new ones, I hope these tips are helpful in always putting our best foot forward when it comes to romance!

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