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March 29, 2016

Small Price, Big Results

I decided to invite some friends over on St. Patrick’s Day for an impromptu dinner party. If you have been reading my articles, you will know that I am a fan of hosting dinner parties and setting the table. I must admit that 90% of my table decorations are found at various thrift stores, including Goodwill.

Although a few items are sourced from other places, the items I get from Goodwill make a huge impact even though they are inexpensive.

Let’s take a look at a few of those low-cost big-impact items.



I picked up this picture frame from Goodwill in a city I was visiting. I was there a few times and saw a similar frame, but didn’t buy it. So when I saw the frame this time, I decided to take it home with me. I spray painted it black and added a few mirrors from Dollar Tree and hung it in my dining room. Black is not a trendy color, but it works perfectly for my style. A mirror this size is very expensive, but purchasing the frame from Goodwill and customizing it made it perfect for reflecting ambient lighting at dinner parties.


I always have candles during my dinner party. Of course, candles aren’t useful if they aren’t in beautiful candle holders.


I have been collecting vintage brass candlesticks for almost a year now. A lot of thrift stores have them moderately priced, while others are quite expensive. I only buy them when they are at a really good price. So far I have collected about 50 of them. I always pick them up when I am out thrifting, because I can divide them and spray paint them to fit the theme of my dinner event (or for whatever occasion I am using them for).  As you can see in the above photo I once again broke out the  spray paint to make them match the décor of my home.

Similar candles can cost a lot more, so buying them when they are at a great price is really the way to go.


Wine glasses can really get expensive when you start buying more than one at a retail store. Luckily, in my area glasses are 99 cents so when I see something I really like, I tend to grab them up quick like these clear water goblets with the gold rim. They are small and inexpensive, but they add such an elegant touch to the dinner table.


When I am scouring for wine glasses, I am always in search of a set of eight. If in the event there aren’t eight, I sometimes buy them anyway and display candy in them, like I did in the above photo.


I love being ahead of the trends. I picked up a set of gold flatware in 2011. Although a few pieces are missing, I still have a complete set of 7 to last me for a while.

So here is the interesting thing. I found this vintage flatware in 2011 and just recently Target came out with this same flatware for $19.99 for just 4 pieces! Quite a bit for just four pieces, but look at how elegant they fit in with this dinner party tablescape.

One may think small items picked up at Goodwill aren’t as important as dressers and hutches, but I certainly would beg to differ. These small inexpensive pieces I have curated over time may not cost at lot, but they sure add striking touches to my tablescapes.

What small items have you picked up recently that make a big statement in your home?