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October 03, 2012

Side Table…err… Dry Erase Board

I bought this brass and glass table at Goodwill with every intention of re-painting the legs a glossy navy and using it on my front porch.

I guess you should always check your boxes because it looks like someone donated this sans hardware. Yep–there were no screws or caps inside. Just the legs and the glass.Whatabummer.

The brass legs can be tossed, but I refused to let the glass go to waste. Insert: Googling and a brilliant idea.

I taped off stripes with painter’s tape and used acrylic paint on the open sections. I think glass paint would have worked better, but acrylic is what I had on hand.

When it had dried, I put it on a plate stand in my kitchen and wrote on it with a dry erase marker. You can tell that it needs another coat of paint (I did two, so it needs a third.), but I love the idea of leaving sweet notes or encouraging words on it.

How fun is this?

Enjoying the Good Life,