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August 29, 2012

Sewing From Thrifted Material: Guest post from Elle Keeps Moving

Today, Elle from Elle Keeps Moving is sharing with us! She is super creative and I am continually inspired by her projects! Elle also owns a business called Solly Baby, where she sells her fantastic baby wraps. Check it out! And, Elle–you are too sweet. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, today!


I love sewing clothes and toys for my children, but fabric is often my biggest barrier. Major fabric stores are often full of bland, cheap fabric and small, boutique fabric stores are usually so expensive that it’s usually cheaper to buy the finished project than to make it.

I’ve found that remnant material and refashioning clothes from thrift stores is always cheaper, usually about a quarter of the price, and makes for a much more interesting end product.

At local thrift stores I’ve found classic vintage prints, quality home decor fabric, and gorgeous textiles from expensive clothing just waiting to be refashioned. I will usually buy a big, bulk bag of remnants for $5 from a thrift store and then go through it at home right away, tossing pieces I don’t like or that are too small to work with. My projects are usually inspired by the fabric rather than a pattern.

I love being able to make a truly one of a kind piece of clothing that really stands out. Below are some of my favorite projects from the past few years.

Thanks for letting me share, Kendra!