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August 20, 2015

Saving a Few Clams With Lookalikes

I have a weakness for catalogs that house fancy decor items that I’ll never actually buy because as a reasonable human being I just can’t bring myself to pay $45 for a fancy bowl that will only hold fruit.

But my mind holds on to those images and sometimes that inability to forget pays off when I’m at a Goodwill and stumble across something that’s almost exactly like what I have been wanting. Such is the case with this fancy clamshell bowl that I saw on a blog years ago and always wanted a similar one.


The one I found wasn’t quite that large or natural-looking, in fact I almost passed it over because of the dingy orangey-brown color. And there was a visible crack in the plastic, but I knew that it would fade away once I spray painted it, definitely a shiny color.

Maybe they make pearlescent spray paint, was my initial thought. But for $1.49, this clamshell was going to be subject to my experimentations either way and would serve some sort of purpose.


To keep the final paint job bright I initially sprayed the entire shell white, using thin, even strokes to ensure that there was no dripping. I actually sprayed it at around 10 p.m. one night so that the next day I could go over it with the fun part, the color!

The home improvement store I stopped at didn’t have pearlescent spray paint (wishful thinking!) but the metallic gold caught my eye. As someone who normally hates gold, it was an unusual choice to gravitate towards but again, this shell was a low-investment project.

Once again, thin, even strokes and several coats later I had this finished product which I placed on the window ledge in the bathroom.


Before I could fill it with decorative soaps, my husband placed a roll of toilet paper in it and it actually seemed perfect. So now we’ve got a fancy place to store that next roll and saved enough on it to buy a few more packs of TP!