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October 05, 2011

Room Redesign: Part 1

Welcome to our first room redesign! Part of living a thrifty/sustainable lifestyle means learning to be conscientious in all areas of your life. Lauren wanted to redecorate her room, but she wanted to do it on a budget– working with what she already had and using as many Goodwill items as possible. She has been using the same furniture and bedding since she was 12, so this is definitely well deserved!

Here are some before pictures:

Lauren is a traveler. She has an adventurous spirit, bohemian style, and wanted her room to be a reflection of her personality and her travels. After all, a room should be a sanctuary–a place where you can retreat and feel like home.

She’s repainting the walls and the furniture and started collecting items from Goodwill to incorporate into her new decor. Her travels include China, so when she saw this Chinese puppet, she knew it would be perfect. The matting was originally white, so she removed it and is painting it a different color, to make the colors in the puppet stand out.

She also found this mirror and felt like it was reminiscent of China. It was originally wooden, but Lauren painted it a vibrant red and plans to accent it to replicate a pagoda in the Forbidden city.

Do you remember the first roundup? Lauren won the sheepskin rug and it is a beauty! Seriously, my feet are nearly lost in it when I step on.

Are you loving this as much as I am? Stay tuned because when we are finished, I plan to show you how the room comes together and it is worth getting excited about! A room on a budget can be done well!

Enjoying the Good Life,