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September 14, 2011

Reusable Bag Roundup

Paper or plastic? Next time, just say, “neither.” I am guilty of using plastic because it’s easy– I don’t have to think about bringing my bags to the store with me. But, the pollution of plastic bags…the unnecessary trees that are cut down for paper bags…is it worth it? Reusable bags are the eco- friendly option, for sure. Also, some grocery stores are making it WORTH your time. My local store reduces your bill by $0.10 for every reusable bag you bring. Save a dime, save a tree, take a step toward saving your environment.

I’ve put together a little roundup of some popular reusable bags. There are so many more options than this, but these are a few that I thought seemed fun.

1. Baggu– $24.00.
2. The Container Store– $6.99.
3. Baggu– $8.00.
4. ChicoBag– $12.99
5. Envirosax– $8.95
6. Reusit– $15.95

Have you ever considered making your own reusable bags? I’ve seen some cute fabric at Goodwill that could be used to sew a simple bag. Or for that matter, find a cute shirt or dress that has enough fabric for you to use. A fabric bag could be washed and reused over and over! And, if you make it, you could customize it to your liking. Hm…my diy wheels are spinning, now.

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Images courtesy of each respective website.


  1. As high-maintenance as making your own bag seems, its truly simple and requires little time. Totally worth it!
    Also, a lot of grocery stores, and shopping stores such as Target and TJ Maxx sell huge, sturdy reusable bags for just a buck!

    • goodwillsc

      I would like to try to make one! Can’t be hard!

  2. In China you have to bring your own bags, or you get to pay for a reusable bag at the register. This brings back memories…ones where I kept paying for bags at the register because I’d forget to bring my own. : P

    • goodwillsc

      haha. Make some bags to use now! : )

  3. I have used thrifted bed sheets for reusable bags (and other things). It’s hit or miss at the thrift store, but sometimes they have some really fun and funky bed sheets. It’s a lot of fabric, and you can make a whole matching set of reusable bags.

    • goodwillsc

      GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. That’s such a great idea! I want to try that!