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December 26, 2017

Repurposing Round-Up: Tin Edition

Have you ever noticed that food tins and Goodwill seem to go hand in hand? In all shapes and sizes, I always see cookie, cracker, popcorn, and candy tins on the shelves- and a lot of them are in perfect condition! They just don’t look all that special as-is…but with a little inspiration and creativity, they can be transformed into stylish décor pieces for your home. Here are 10 amazing DIY ideas that might just convince you to toss a tin in your cart on your next Goodwill adventure!


#1 DIY Tiered Stand

Tiered stands are crazy popular right now, so this is the perfect project to make from Goodwill cookie tins- for both style AND function.


#2 Rope-wrapped Planters

File this idea away for a fun summer project that will snazz up your back porch or patio.

#3 Vintage Style Tins

For those of us that love anything vintage, here’s a fun way to give modern tins a retro look.

#4 Faux Marbled Tins

Marbling on different surfaces is all the rage, so why not create a chic set of marbled tins to use in your home?

#5 Craft Room Organizer

A fun use for larger popcorn tins is to create a spinning organizer for all of your craft and DIY supplies.

#6 Rustic Outdoor Lighting

Old coffee cans and similar tins can be repurposed into rustic outdoor lighting with this DIY tutorial- WOW!

#7 Fabric-covered Tins

Wrapping thrift store cookie tins in fabric sounds like a gorgeous way to give plain tins a beautiful makeover.

#8 Candle Display

What a lovely idea, upcycling a large shallow tin into an elegant candle display and vignette? This one is definitely going on my to-do list!

#8 Farmhouse Chalkboard Canisters

From colorful tins to a trendy chalkboard canister set that even Joanna Gaines would approve of- definitely a DIY I can get behind.

#9 DIY Mosaic Planter

I never would have guessed a thrift store tin was hiding under this mosaic- how creative and artistic!



Whether you reuse tins as home décor, organization & storage, or even a unique gift box, there are so many fun ways to upcycle and make them over. Which one will you be trying next?

Craft on!


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